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Staging Post: Landscape & Sculpture

24 Nov 2018 - 15 Jan 2019

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Exhibition Works

Towards Papanui Inlet
Stanley Palmer Towards Papanui Inlet (2015/17)
John Parker Mainlandscape (2018)
Look on High
Simon Edwards Look on High (2018)
Gleams of a Remoter World
Simon Edwards Gleams of a Remoter World (2018)
Toroa (Black)
Mike Crawford Toroa (Black) (2018)
Tui with Kowhai
Paul Dibble Tui with Kowhai (2015)
Figure of Ease
Paul Dibble Figure of Ease (2018)
Rukuhia II
Brett Graham Rukuhia II (2009)
Ceremonial Object [22167]
Chris Charteris Ceremonial Object [22167] (2018)
Chris Charteris Illumine (2018)
Focal Point
Chris Charteris Focal Point (2018)
Chris Charteris Inäianei (2018)
Forces of Land and Ocean [22310]
Chris Charteris Forces of Land and Ocean [22310] (2018)
Exploding Pearl
Chris Charteris Exploding Pearl (2018)
Comb (Red)
Lonnie Hutchinson Comb (Red) (2009)
Neil Dawson Phoenix (2014-18)
Murmur Dome (Radiant Blue)
Neil Dawson Murmur Dome (Radiant Blue) (2018)
Love in Bloom
Terry Stringer Love in Bloom (2016)
An Allegory of Time
Terry Stringer An Allegory of Time (2017)
Reliquary Head
Terry Stringer Reliquary Head (2014)
Face and Fingers Loop
Terry Stringer Face and Fingers Loop (2017)
Shifting Blue Shadows
Neil Frazer Shifting Blue Shadows (2017)
Shaded Track
Dick Frizzell Shaded Track (2012)
The Smell of Rain - Lindis
Bruce Hunt The Smell of Rain - Lindis (2017)
The Shine Falls from Boundary Stream, Hawkes Bay 2013
Wayne Barrar The Shine Falls from Boundary Stream, Hawkes Bay 2013 (printed 201)
Arcadia with Kiwis
Nigel Brown Arcadia with Kiwis (2015-17)
Human Planet
Nigel Brown Human Planet (2018)
Tui and Harakeke
Hannah Kidd Tui and Harakeke (2018)
This Little Piggy
Hannah Kidd This Little Piggy (2013)
Michael Hight Waitaanga (2016)
Houngarea Marae, Pakipaki
Yuki Kihara Houngarea Marae, Pakipaki (2017)
Pistol and Kotiate
Martin Selman Pistol and Kotiate (2013)
Quanta 4
Peter Trevelyan Quanta 4 (2018)
Table Hill
Karl Maughan Table Hill (2018)
The Temptation
Susanne Kerr The Temptation (2013)
Harry Watson Flood (2018)
Harry Watson Faith (2018)
Juxtapose Bottles Set (Blue)
Emily Siddell & Stephen Bradbourne Juxtapose Bottles Set (Blue) (2018)

Exhibition Text

Staging Post as an exhibition explores the metaphors of the New Zealand landscape, the connections between it and sculpture, the cultural dialogues and humanism of sculpture.

There are new works by Chris Charteris, Karl Maughan, Stanley Palmer, John Parker, Terry Stringer, Hannah Kidd, Harry Watson, Neil Dawson, Peter Trevelyan, Emily Siddell and Stephen Bradbourne.

Included are recent and major works by Nigel Brown, Brett Graham, Susanne Kerr, Paul Dibble, Neil Frazer, Lonnie Hutchinson, Wayne Barrar, Michael Hight, Yuki Kihara, Mike Crawford, Dick Frizzell, Martin Selman and Simon Edwards.

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