Chris Charteris Exhibitions

The Royal Queenstown Easter Show

15 Apr - 7 Jun 2017

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Exhibition Works

Lake Benmore
Michael Hight Lake Benmore (2016)
Michael Hight Tarras (2015)
Missing Link (Slate) [21310]
Shane Woolridge Missing Link (Slate) [21310] (2017)
Shane Woolridge Stonefruit (2017)
One of a Pear
Shane Woolridge One of a Pear (2016)
Moon Watch
Joanna Braithwaite Moon Watch (2003)
Nude 6
Jeffrey Harris Nude 6 (2007/08)
Cactus Vase (Sapphire Rose)
Ann Robinson Cactus Vase (Sapphire Rose) (2015)
Small Twisted Flax Pods (Mid Green/Emerald Green)
Ann Robinson Small Twisted Flax Pods (Mid Green/Emerald Green) (2016)
Reuben Paterson Pungarehu (2016)
Black Forest Chocolate
Reuben Paterson Black Forest Chocolate (2016)
Karl Maughan Colyton (2008/17)
Fantail (Piwakawaka) [21261]
Tania Patterson Fantail (Piwakawaka) [21261] (2017)
Huia on Ring
Paul Dibble Huia on Ring (2016)
Louise Purvis Continuous (2015)
Spring Tide
Christine Cathie Spring Tide (2015)
Neil Frazer Divider (2007)
Plain Song: Columns of Light - In the Blue Air
J S Parker Plain Song: Columns of Light - In the Blue Air (2016)
Broken Valley
Simon Edwards Broken Valley (2016)
Glacial Retreat
Simon Edwards Glacial Retreat (2016)
Sustainable Earth
Nigel Brown Sustainable Earth (2015)
Tuatara Man
Nigel Brown Tuatara Man (2015)
Kotuku Ngutupapa Waits
Chris Heaphy Kotuku Ngutupapa Waits (2016)
Dick Frizzell Bedtime (2008)
Small Kiss
Dick Frizzell Small Kiss (2016)
Dick Frizzell Tears (2016)
Off to Work
Dick Frizzell Off to Work (2016)
Dick Frizzell Scrap (2017)
X 2
Neil Dawson X 2 (2016)
Black Halos 22
Neil Dawson Black Halos 22 (2015)
Forces of Land and Ocean [20310]
Chris Charteris Forces of Land and Ocean [20310] (2016)
Chris Charteris Manaakitanga (2015)
Boy's Face and Hands
Terry Stringer Boy's Face and Hands (2016)
Turning Woman Variation
Terry Stringer Turning Woman Variation (2016)
Charlotte Handy Lucia (2016)
Charlotte Handy Agatha (2016)
Hints for the Incomplete Traveller - xviii
Garry Currin Hints for the Incomplete Traveller - xviii (2013/14)
Hints for the Incomplete Traveller - xvii
Garry Currin Hints for the Incomplete Traveller - xvii (2013/14)

Exhibition Text

Now in its eight year, the Royal Queenstown Easter Show is a significant curated exhibition featuring new and major recent works across a diverse range of media.

Shane Woolridge may be something of a Central Otago secret but there can be little doubt that will soon change. He uses local stone, transforming this in numerous ways: his sculptural language is diverse, extraordinarily certain and accomplished, as compelling literal works such as Apple (2017) and the twisting, transformative Missing Link (2017) amply demonstrate.

Jeffrey Harris’ Nude 6 (2007/08) is a tantalising sequence of forms and visual rhythms, demonstrating his renowned restraint, while revealing layered dreams and tender insight. Ann Robinson’s sinuous Small Twisted Flax Pods (Mid Green/Emerald Green) (2016) change shape with each step: whereas the triumphant formal Cactus Vase (Sapphire Rose) (2015) completely changes colour under florescent light. The complex moods and atmospheres of J S Parker’s palette knife technique is revealed in the wonderful abstracted landscape of Plain Song: Columns of Light – In the Blue Air (2016).

Michael Hight’s Lake Benmore (2016) is quite simply a masterful work. Likewise Dick Frizzell’s Bedtime (2008) is a major example of his acclaimed graphic works. It is accompanied by a suite of new (small) screen prints.

Reuben Paterson’s significant accomplishment in the Aroma of Black series is fully demonstrated in the Dutch still-life inspired Pungarehu (2016) and Black Forest Chocolate (2016). Karl Maughan’s Colyton (2008/17) celebrates the architecture of a garden. Charlotte Handy’s hypnotic portraits traverse time and dream. The elusive magic and revelations of Garry Currin’s landscapes are seen in the Hints for the Incomplete Traveller (2013/14) series. Christine Cathie’s evocative Spring Tide (2015) is a visual poem in glass to that season.

There are significant works by Neil Frazer, Joanna Braithwaite, Neil Dawson, Chris Heaphy, Chris Charteris, Nigel Brown and Simon Edwards alongside new sculptures from Terry Stringer, Louise Purvis and Tania Patterson.