Neil Frazer Exhibitions

Spring Catalogue

15 Oct - 7 Dec 2016

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Exhibition Works

White Water
Neil Frazer White Water (2008)
Murmuration 2
Neil Dawson Murmuration 2 (2016)
Flashpoint (Gold)
Mervyn Williams Flashpoint (Gold) (2012)
Woodpigeon on Ring
Paul Dibble Woodpigeon on Ring (2016)
Kokako #10
Layla Walter Kokako #10 (2015)
Screenplay II
Garry Currin Screenplay II (2014)
Rekindle 3
Galia Amsel Rekindle 3 (2016)
From Near and Far
Chris Heaphy From Near and Far (2016)
Nigel Brown Wilderness (2013)
Tania Patterson Kokako (2015)
To Grow Unnoticed
Reuben Paterson To Grow Unnoticed (2015)
Chris Charteris Manaakitanga (2015)
X 2
Neil Dawson X 2 (2016)
Untitled Approach, 200 Feet
Garry Currin Untitled Approach, 200 Feet (2008-12)
Balthus and His Model
Terry Stringer Balthus and His Model (2008)
This Little Light of Mine
Reuben Paterson This Little Light of Mine (2011)
Lemon Tree with Explorer
Nigel Brown Lemon Tree with Explorer (2014)
Mark Mitchell Cast (2016)
Michael Hight Kotare (2016)
Kahu (Harrier Hawk)
Tania Patterson Kahu (Harrier Hawk) (2015/17)
Harry Watson Banishment (2013)
Kotuku Waits
Chris Heaphy Kotuku Waits (2016)
Emily's Hydrangea #2
Layla Walter Emily's Hydrangea #2 (2016)
Bride of Mangaia (In Pursuit of Venus)
Lisa Reihana Bride of Mangaia (In Pursuit of Venus) (2016)
Charlotte Handy Pauline (2015)
Good Times
Paul Dibble Good Times (2014)
White Slide
Neil Frazer White Slide (2015)
Blossom XI
Galia Amsel Blossom XI (2016)
Woven Zig-Zag Bowl #4
Layla Walter Woven Zig-Zag Bowl #4 (2015)
Mervyn Williams Astral (1996)
Mark Mitchell Crimp (2016)
Gospel of Mudea II
Andy Leleisi'uao Gospel of Mudea II (2012)
White Light
Neil Frazer White Light (2015)
Galia Amsel Halcyon (2015)
Hints for the Incomplete Traveller - xxxi
Garry Currin Hints for the Incomplete Traveller - xxxi (2013/14)
Black Halos 22
Neil Dawson Black Halos 22 (2015)
Field Study 282
Mike Petre Field Study 282 (2014)
Iu of Pumalia
Andy Leleisi'uao Iu of Pumalia (2012)

Exhibition Text

Spring Catalogue 2016 contains many new works across a number of disciplines as well as a tightly curated selection of significant older works.

The mysterious, redolent Bride of Mangaia (2016) by Lisa Reihana, (New Zealand’s representative to Venice Biennale 2017), drawn from In Pursuit of Venus, simultaneously reclaims the past and pursues the present. Likewise Nigel Brown in two small, incisive portraits traverses loss, discovery and history, whereas the confident Pauline (2015) by Charlotte Handy, in returning the gaze, questions the viewer.

The surreal, austere, ambiguous, unforgettable strangeness of Michael Hight’s Kotare (2016) resembles a Victorian diorama and science laboratory experiment but what is it that is being presented or measured? Is it childhood memory, human behaviour or values, the landscape itself?

Neil Dawson alters space, layers depth, uses fluxing shadow, light reflection and viewing angle to recompose what we see and how. Murmuration 2 (2016) is comprised of massing birds flying that become koru-shaped clouds. There is joy, distance. The cruciform shape of X 2 (2016) is an emphatic, plural image, comprised of patterned circles which hover halo-like above, below and alongside the visual contradictions of smaller repeated X forms which have been slightly modified, altered and turned. Metaphors arise, stories begin.

Garry Currin is a visual magician. The longer one looks the more becomes revealed. Untitled Approach 200 Feet (2008-12) and Screenplay II (2014) hide and reveal landscapes, atmospheres, events, and a palette that is startlingly broader than first seemed and felt.

Neil Frazer landscapes are like no other. It’s as if he has sculpted the land itself – it’s physicality, volume, it’s elemental coldness, menace and scale – into works that attain the authority of structural accuracy and in that process he transports us. In White Water (2008) we stand in the perilous centre of a tumbling, turbulent, gravity-driven river.

Chris Heaphy builds silhouetted, visual parables that reach across time and history. From Near and Far (2016) is comprised of vignettes, signs and symbols that suggest events, imply reason, harnessing popular culture, social and natural histories into cultural landscapes. The beautiful Kotuku Waits (2016) is imbued with poetic sentiments, environmental values, and explicit references to traditional Japanese art.

In addition, there are two major illusionary works by Mervyn Williams, the hieroglyphic puzzles of Andy Leleisi’uao and significant new works by Galia Amsel, Mark Mitchell, Layla Walter and Tania Patterson.