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19 Sept - 14 Oct 2015

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Exhibition Works

Nigel Brown Pukeko (2015)
Three Kereru with Poet
Nigel Brown Three Kereru with Poet (2015)
White Series #1
Bridie Henderson White Series #1 (2015)
Gold Series #4
Bridie Henderson Gold Series #4 (2015)
Flower Power
Simon Clark Flower Power (2015)
Alison Heart Mother
Simon Clark Alison Heart Mother (2015)
Here Comes the Sun
Simon Clark Here Comes the Sun (2015)
Karl Maughan Kaiwhara (2015)
Karl Maughan Highbury (2015)
Holy Hapuka
Harry Watson Holy Hapuka (2015)
Infant Tree
Harry Watson Infant Tree (2015)
I am Picasso's Evil Reincarnation
Harry Watson I am Picasso's Evil Reincarnation (2015)
Cloud 16
Neil Dawson Cloud 16 (2015)
Cloud 17
Neil Dawson Cloud 17 (2015)
Katherine Smyth Miles (2015)
Helter Skelter
Katherine Smyth Helter Skelter (2015)
Katherine Smyth Ginger (2015)
Katherine Smyth Rory (2015)
Katherine Smyth Coral (2015)
Katherine Smyth Kingsley (2015)
Forget Me Not
Katherine Smyth Forget Me Not (2015)
Shiny White Still Life [15-4]
John Parker Shiny White Still Life [15-4] (2015)
Shiny White Still Life [15-3]
John Parker Shiny White Still Life [15-3] (2015)

Exhibition Text

In Nigel Brown’s Poet with Kereru we witness three woodpigeons dancing above James K Baxter as if images, thoughts forming in his mind.

Neil Dawson’s mastery of altering scale, the rhythms of pattern, use of shadow, and the tonal changes revealed by light refraction and reflection is demonstrated in two new, wondrous Cloud works.

Bridie Henderson, who rose to prominence as the youngest ever winner of the Portage Ceramic Award, has established in her extended necklace series works that have attained acclaimed signature status.

Simon Clark’s paintings mix social circumstance, memory and the faceted traditions of portraiture in ways which are very surprising, exhilarating and undoubtedly revealing.

John Parker’s Shiny Still Life sets are a complete visual language, redolent with the rhythms and dialogues of form, counterpointed with the fluxing functions of negative space.

Karl Maughan’s Kaiwhara (2015) is an ever altering story of the sensations of colour, the suggestion of a half-hidden journey and destination, the architecture of a landscaped garden, delivered in a unique stylistic manner where the painting noticeably changes with altered viewing distance.

Katherine Smyth’s ceramics are imbued with humour, Mediterranean traditions and the attributes and beauty of characterisation fully realised.