Dick Frizzell Exhibitions

Spring Catalogue

20 Sept - 12 Nov 2014

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Exhibition Works

Bride and Groom 1
Pat Hanly Bride and Groom 1 (2000)
Rise 2
Galia Amsel Rise 2 (2014)
Black Phoenix
Ralph Hotere Black Phoenix (1993)
No Golden Age
Nigel Brown No Golden Age (2001)
Cloud 10
Neil Dawson Cloud 10 (2013)
Rodent with Dancer
Paul Dibble Rodent with Dancer (2009)
Plantation Series XIV
William Sutton Plantation Series XIV (1986)
Miranda with Laurels
Charlotte Handy Miranda with Laurels (2014)
Untitled Approach, 200 Feet
Garry Currin Untitled Approach, 200 Feet (2008-12)
Following Blue
Mervyn Williams Following Blue (2009)
Lorraine Rastorfer Diva (2010)
Camellia Vase #5 (Purple)
Layla Walter Camellia Vase #5 (Purple) (2012)
Tobias and the Angel
Terry Stringer Tobias and the Angel (2013)
Infinity Pool
Marc Blake Infinity Pool (2012)
John Edgar Capsule (2012)
Brent Wong Clouds (1998)
Mark Mitchell Force (2013/14)
Waingongoro River
Michael Hight Waingongoro River (2013)
Girl and Horse I (Second Series)
Gary Waldrom Girl and Horse I (Second Series) (2008/09)
Harakeke Paddle (Green)
Luke Jacomb Harakeke Paddle (Green) (2013)
Karl Maughan Greenhough (2014)
Rise 3
Galia Amsel Rise 3 (2014)
The Nebula Cat's Eye NGC6543
Reuben Paterson The Nebula Cat's Eye NGC6543 (2014)
Stumps I
Mike Petre Stumps I (2009)
Shaded Track
Dick Frizzell Shaded Track (2012)
Rita Paints Herself as a Goddess
Terry Stringer Rita Paints Herself as a Goddess (2014)
Large Star Lei
Emily Siddell Large Star Lei (2010)
Black Fig #2 (Gold Amethyst)
Layla Walter Black Fig #2 (Gold Amethyst) (2014)
Off Shore
Paul Dibble Off Shore (2012)
Cloud 14
Neil Dawson Cloud 14 (2013)
Scallop Bowl #56 (Blue)
Ann Robinson Scallop Bowl #56 (Blue) (2013)
Charlotte Handy Odette (2014)
Floe 10
Galia Amsel Floe 10 (2013)
Field Study 216
Mike Petre Field Study 216 (2012)
Dramatic Pause
Elizabeth Rees Dramatic Pause (2014)
Umbilical Paths of Nalo - Part I
Andy Leleisi'uao Umbilical Paths of Nalo - Part I (2010)
Terry Stringer Benediction (2014)
Curved Vase (Citrine)
Ann Robinson Curved Vase (Citrine) (2013)
Karl Maughan Ayrlies (2014)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3] (2008)

Exhibition Text

The 2014 Spring Catalogue exhibition features a major new work by Terry Stringer (Rita Paints Herself as a Goddess) which he delivers in his wondrous trademark manner a three-dimensional portrait of Rita Angus.

Included are significant works by Ralph Hotere, Bill Sutton and Brent Wong.

There are new glass works by Layla Walter and Galia Amsel plus a rare, exquisite stained glass Bride and Groom 1 by Pat Hanly.

Reuben Paterson (who has just returned from a residency in Korea) includes The Nebula Cat’s Eye NGC6543 which achieves remarkable (figurative) beauty and breath-taking optical contrasts. Mervyn Williams, the subject of a major book just published, is represented with an illusionary masterpiece Following Blue. Mark Mitchell also plays with illusion and surface paradox in the compelling ceramic bowl titled Force.

Elizabeth Rees provides a foretaste in Dramatic Pause of what is to be seen in her forthcoming October exhibition, as does Luke Jacomb (exhibiting in November) with two blown glass wall-mounted paddles.

Michael Hight’s stylistic and narrative virtuosity is demonstrated in the surreal, metaphoric Waingongoro River. The evocative dream-world of Gary Waldrom (Girl and Horse I) also forges stark symbolic contrasts and similarly poses unanswered questions.

Andy Leleisi’uao’s development of a singular visual language that builds parables of human endeavour is evidenced in the considerable, powerful, episodic Umbilical Paths of Nalo.

Included are key works by Neil Dawson, Ann Robinson, Karl Maughan, Garry Currin, Emily Siddell, Lorraine Rastorfer and Nigel Brown as well as new portraits from Charlotte Handy and a visual tale by Marc Blake.