Michael Hight Exhibitions

Hight / Orjis / Waldrom

26 Jul - 20 Aug 2014

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Exhibition Works

Michael Hight Ngauruhoe (2013)
Michael Hight Waiotapu (2014)
Michael Hight Rangiriri (2013)
Michael Hight Parnassus (2014)
Waingongoro River
Michael Hight Waingongoro River (2013)
Michael Hight Kawarau (2012)
Bed In
Richard Orjis Bed In (2010)
Richard Orjis parisisburning (2012)
Richard Orjis drippingingold (2012)
Richard Orjis thecircularnatureofthings (2012)
Richard Orjis fallingdiamonds (2012)
Richard Orjis stilltheskyisblue (2012)
Flower Idol
Richard Orjis Flower Idol (2006)
You Can't Fool the Fat Man
Gary Waldrom You Can't Fool the Fat Man (2011/12)
Urban Escape
Gary Waldrom Urban Escape (2000)
Judy in Disguise (with Beret and Bugatti)
Gary Waldrom Judy in Disguise (with Beret and Bugatti) (2011/12)

Exhibition Text

Unlikely worlds and unlikely characters are on display in these works from Michael Hight, Richard Orjis and Gary Waldrom. Each artist mines the stuff that dreams are made of, presenting their versions of alternate realities.

Michael Hight presents tableaux of familiar objects and landscapes set against a stark background. Devoid of context, the relationships between each is ‘hidden in plain sight’, leaving the viewer to construct the background to each work.

The carefully manipulated photographs of Richard Orjis reveal simultaneous visions of decadence and decay. Bed In recalls Ono and Lennon’s 1969 anti-war protests, but the protagonists Orjis portrays are made of gold and bedecked with jewels, their message one of conspicuous consumption rather than world peace.

Undermining the ‘facts’ of place, time and history, Gary Waldrom’s landscapes are peopled with characters that are at once unnerving and strangely comical. They inhabit a twilight world, betwixt and between the boundaries of everyday life, at once familiar but eerily unreal.