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The Review

31 May - 23 Jun 2014

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Exhibition Works

Group of 6 Wall Works (2014)
John Parker Group of 6 Wall Works (2014)
Frozen Floods
Simon Edwards Frozen Floods (2013)
Fool's Gold
Joanna Braithwaite Fool's Gold (2013/14)
Wind Grass IV
Elizabeth McClure Wind Grass IV (2014)
In the Shadow of Dromedary Hill
Bruce Hunt In the Shadow of Dromedary Hill (2008/09)
Paul Dibble Feather (2013)
Malaghans Rd
Michael Hight Malaghans Rd (2011)
Landscape 143
Mike Petre Landscape 143 (2013)
Keety Kitty
Emily Valentine Keety Kitty (2013)
Tainui Avenue
Karl Maughan Tainui Avenue (2014)
Eel Landscape Vessel
Lyndsay Patterson Eel Landscape Vessel (2012)
Gold Series #1
Bridie Henderson Gold Series #1 (2014)
Hay Rack
Dick Frizzell Hay Rack (2012)
Pulse Disc 6
Neil Dawson Pulse Disc 6 (2011)
Field Study 265
Mike Petre Field Study 265 (2014)
All Sorts - Randy
Joanna Braithwaite All Sorts - Randy (2006)
Japonica with Swallow
Layla Walter Japonica with Swallow (2008)
Karl Maughan Dunrock (2014)
Keulemans Tui #2
Layla Walter Keulemans Tui #2 (2013)
Sepia Light
Elizabeth Rees Sepia Light (2010)
Stepping Out
Paul Radford Stepping Out (2014)
Matt Crystalline Blue Grooved Wall Ring [14-2]
John Parker Matt Crystalline Blue Grooved Wall Ring [14-2] (2014)
Oparara - Tasman
Stanley Palmer Oparara - Tasman (2014)
The Water Lily
Reuben Paterson The Water Lily (2014)
Pericarp Amphora #6
Ann Robinson Pericarp Amphora #6 (2013)
Obedient to the Light
Simon Edwards Obedient to the Light (2013)
Pulse Disc 2
Neil Dawson Pulse Disc 2 (2011)
Ann's Dahlia #3
Layla Walter Ann's Dahlia #3 (2013)
Charlotte Handy Daphne (2014)
Katherine Smyth Raoul (2014)
Bright Tide
Elizabeth Rees Bright Tide (2010)
Crystalline Blue Zig-Zag Wall Ring [14-4]
John Parker Crystalline Blue Zig-Zag Wall Ring [14-4] (2014)
John Edgar Spindle (2012)
Pulse Disc 5
Neil Dawson Pulse Disc 5 (2011)
Elizabeth McClure Bracken (2014)
Emily Valentine Galoxie (2013)
Cube (Grey / Black)
John Edgar Cube (Grey / Black) (2008)
Charlotte Handy Calliope (2014)
Echo Vase 6
Merilyn Wiseman Echo Vase 6 (2012/13)

Exhibition Text

The Review 2014 includes new paintings by Karl Maughan, Joanna Braithwaite, Charlotte Handy, Stanley Palmer, Reuben Paterson, Paul Radford and Mike Petre. Also featured are new and recent glass works by Elizabeth McClure, Layla Walter and Ann Robinson. Included are key sculptural works by Paul Dibble and John Edgar, plus new ceramics by John Parker, Katherine Smyth and Bridie Henderson.

Simon Edwards’ remarkable delivery of substance and atmosphere can be seen and felt in two major works - Frozen Floods and Obedient to the Light. The phenomenon of the endless earthquakes in Christchurch and the radiating patterns made have deeply informed Neil Dawson’s Pulse Disk Series.