Ann Robinson Exhibitions

Spring Catalogue

21 Sept - 13 Nov 2013

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Exhibition Works

Speargrass Flat Road
Michael Hight Speargrass Flat Road (2013)
Country Church on the Fish of Maui
Paul Dibble Country Church on the Fish of Maui (2013)
Iu of Pumalia
Andy Leleisi'uao Iu of Pumalia (2012)
There's a Limit to Your Love
Reuben Paterson There's a Limit to Your Love (2013)
Empty Vessel [16788]
Paul Mason Empty Vessel [16788] (2012)
Checkered Ribbons
Neal Palmer Checkered Ribbons (2013)
Tall O-void (Gold Amethyst) [17557]
Christine Cathie Tall O-void (Gold Amethyst) [17557] (2013)
Done-deal II
Joanna Braithwaite Done-deal II (2013)
Kaniwha #21
Darryn George Kaniwha #21 (2008)
Bower Bully
Emily Valentine Bower Bully (2010)
Karl Maughan Musselburgh (2013)
Heavy Shadow 6
Graham Bennett Heavy Shadow 6 (2012)
Vortex 5
Neil Dawson Vortex 5 (2012)
Mervyn Williams Astral (1996)
Amorphism (Yellow)
Christine Cathie Amorphism (Yellow) (2010)
A Knight at the Crossroads
Linda Holloway A Knight at the Crossroads (2013)
Girl and the Garden
Charlotte Handy Girl and the Garden (2013)
This Little Piggy
Hannah Kidd This Little Piggy (2013)
Darryn George Rata (2010)
Plate 6
Neil Dawson Plate 6 (2008)
Tui-ee-ee (Model)
Paul Dibble Tui-ee-ee (Model) (2009)
Dick Frizzell Lighthouse (1990)
Spiral Vase (Red)
Ann Robinson Spiral Vase (Red) (1997)
Stumps II
Mike Petre Stumps II (2009)
Iu of Eradeset
Andy Leleisi'uao Iu of Eradeset (2012)
Time Gentleman
Paul Dibble Time Gentleman (2007)
Spur Road
Karl Maughan Spur Road (2008/13)
Kawau - Cormorant
Sally Smith Kawau - Cormorant (2013)
Emily Valentine Cockaplane (2013)
Towards D'Urville
Stanley Palmer Towards D'Urville (2013)
Trace 1
Graham Bennett Trace 1 (2013)
Pohi #17
Darryn George Pohi #17 (2008)
Avon Burn II - on the Shoulders of Pavillion Peak
Bruce Hunt Avon Burn II - on the Shoulders of Pavillion Peak (2010)
Rolled Lip Bowl #3 (Chardonnay)
Ann Robinson Rolled Lip Bowl #3 (Chardonnay) (2013)
Michael Hight Wharehuanui (2013)
Theme Vessel 5
Merilyn Wiseman Theme Vessel 5 (2011/12)
Huia Feather and Ball
Paul Dibble Huia Feather and Ball (2013)
Polyneitus Spring Part IV
Andy Leleisi'uao Polyneitus Spring Part IV (2012)
Emily Valentine Pomerooster (2013)
Field Study 130
Mike Petre Field Study 130 (2009)
Road - Ahuahu
Stanley Palmer Road - Ahuahu (2013)
Echo Vase 2
Merilyn Wiseman Echo Vase 2 (2012/13)
Avon Burn
Bruce Hunt Avon Burn (2010)
Empty Vessel [16786]
Paul Mason Empty Vessel [16786] (2012)
Malaghans Rd
Michael Hight Malaghans Rd (2011)
Field Study 224
Mike Petre Field Study 224 (2012)
Rolled Lip Bowl (Citrine)
Ann Robinson Rolled Lip Bowl (Citrine) (2013)
Dirty Secret II
Joanna Braithwaite Dirty Secret II (2013)
Karl Maughan Ravensbourne (2013)
Empty Vessel [16785]
Paul Mason Empty Vessel [16785] (2012)
Behind Motukorea
Stanley Palmer Behind Motukorea (2012)
Charlotte Handy Anemone (2010)
Theme Vessel 3
Merilyn Wiseman Theme Vessel 3 (2011/12)

Exhibition Text

Reuben Paterson’s virtuoso tondo There’s a Limit to your Love (2013) is a trademark homage to floral fashion. Joanna Braithwaite presents new visual parables where surreal contradictions, human foibles and mannerisms are applied to the ubiquitous rat. Andy Leleisi’uao (currently undertaking a residency in Slovakia) in Iu of Eradeset (2012) and Iu of Pumalia (2012) uses the languages of colour to deepen space, augment and distinguish the different levels of the tales being told. Charlotte Handy (currently living in Russia) has introduced the figure into her work. In Girl and the Garden (2013) she blends dream, time and distance in a work which is both literal and representational yet predominantly composed of abstracted elements.

Australian-based, New Zealand-born, mixed media artist Emily Valentine, included for the first time in the annual Spring Catalogue exhibition, has developed a compelling and unique mode of artistic expression, using feathers from found sources. In works which are unforgettable, beautiful and extremely challenging, Valentine directly addresses our perceptions and assumptions about animals and birds.

Internationally significant glass artist Ann Robinson is included with two major new forms – the tour de force of the Rolled Lip Bowl (Citrine) (2013) and the astonishingly expressive Rolled Lipped Bowl (Chardonnay) (2013). Featured also is the (rhubarb) coloured Geometric Vase (2011) with lacebark leaves softly etched into the top surface. This work radically alters colour to green under fluorescent light and there is a remarkable interplay between a repeated square form and rising design.

Neil Dawson’s Vortex 5 (2012) is utterly beguiling. From wherever viewed it changes shape, substance, form and colour. Added to these perceptual illusions are the major roles performed by shadow and the ‘reflected’ blush that appears on the wall. Michael Hight’s Speargrass Flat (2013) and Wharehuanui (2013) are compellingly accurate, consummate statements about Central Otago - its unique light and landscape.

There are major paintings by Darryn George and Karl Maughan plus definitive monoprints by Stanley Palmer. Sculptor Paul Dibble is represented by four signature works. Hannah Kidd’s This Little Piggy (2013) tells the story of a horse race, using motion as a dramatic device, demonstrating her uncanny ability to capture the essence of her subjects.

2007 Arts Laureate Merrilyn Wiseman’s mastery of texture, tone and shape is demonstrated by two series of works. Christine Cathie is represented by a significant new development in her glass form, the Gold Amethyst Tall Ovoid (2013) where the shape stands up, becoming liberated and figurative, metaphorical and expressive.

The Spring Catalogue also features key paintings by Mike Petre, Bruce Hunt, Linda Holloway, Mervyn Williams, Dick Frizzell and Neal Palmer, plus wall sculpture by Graham Bennett and Sally Smith, and glass vessels by Paul Mason.