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The Review

1 Jun - 24 Jul 2013

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Exhibition Works

Lattice No. 158
Ian Scott Lattice No. 158 (1987)
Kowhaiwhai Jug (Red)
Mike Crawford Kowhaiwhai Jug (Red) (2013)
Honourable Socks
Nigel Brown Honourable Socks (2010)
This Distance
Garry Currin This Distance (2008/09)
Geometric Figure 1
Paul Dibble Geometric Figure 1 (2008)
West Coast Junction
Callum Arnold West Coast Junction (2008)
Neil Dawson Whare (2010)
Rarohiko #14
Darryn George Rarohiko #14 (2010)
Boatsheds and Mt Hobson
Justin Boroughs Boatsheds and Mt Hobson (2012)
Patinated Bronze Crucible [15849]
Paul Mason Patinated Bronze Crucible [15849] (2011)
Side Carved Flax Pod (Red)
Ann Robinson Side Carved Flax Pod (Red) (2010)
Yes / No Tower
Nigel Brown Yes / No Tower (2010)
Matuku Moana Pair (Black)
Mike Crawford Matuku Moana Pair (Black) (2013)
Michael Hight Fairlight (2010)
Black and White Series #1
Bridie Henderson Black and White Series #1 (2013)
Morning Over Big Bend
Bruce Hunt Morning Over Big Bend (2012/13)
Viridian Shards
Neal Palmer Viridian Shards (2013)
Kowhaiwhai Bowl (Red)
Mike Crawford Kowhaiwhai Bowl (Red) (2013)
Non Vocal Dawn Chorus Vol. IV
Paul Martinson Non Vocal Dawn Chorus Vol. IV (2011)
Sally Smith Uplift (2012)
Large Aquamarine Murrine Vessel [13466]
Lyndsay Patterson Large Aquamarine Murrine Vessel [13466] (2009)
Small Star Lei
Emily Siddell Small Star Lei (2010)
Fortifications I
Jenna Packer Fortifications I (2013)
Murrine Patu [12375]
Luke Jacomb Murrine Patu [12375] (2007)
Linda Holloway Lemoncello (2012)
View the Space Above and Below
Paul Dibble View the Space Above and Below (2011)
Patinated Bronze Crucible [15852]
Paul Mason Patinated Bronze Crucible [15852] (2011)
Umbilical Paths of Nalo - Part II
Andy Leleisi'uao Umbilical Paths of Nalo - Part II (2010)
Patinated Bronze Crucible [15847]
Paul Mason Patinated Bronze Crucible [15847] (2011)
Spur Road
Karl Maughan Spur Road (2008/13)
Mount Pisa
Michael Hight Mount Pisa (2012)
Sue Hawker Oma (2013)
Field Study 230
Mike Petre Field Study 230 (2012)
Curved Vase #3
Ann Robinson Curved Vase #3 (2009)
Slender Pines
Elizabeth Rees Slender Pines (2010)

Exhibition Text

The Review 2013 includes Ian Scott’s masterful Lattice No. 158 (1987) painting: an abstract work of profound artistic achievement. Paul Dibble is represented by Geometric Figure 1 (2008): a singular and compelling work, delivered with trademark deftness, visual literacy and precision. Darryn George – exhibiting shortly at the Venice Biennale – is featured with Rarohiko (2010) in which he explores the cultural dynamics of repeated pattern. Mike Crawford’s development as a glass artist of rare importance is demonstrated with three superb works.

Garry Currin’s This Distance (2008/09) is a great painting and also remarkably elusive with everything seemingly in a state of constant flux with changes (of tone, atmosphere and event) happening in front of the viewer’s eyes. The unforgettable Umbilical Paths of Nalo - Part II (2010) by Andy Leleisi’uao is an episodic parable on human endeavour.

Jenna Packer locates her work in the invented passages of our history and does so with such authority we believe the events happened. Neil Dawson’s Whare (2010) uses the patterns of playing cards as if relief carved. Michael Hight’s Mount Pisa (2012) is a visual poem to the unique Central Otago light and landscape.

Also exhibited are two major glass works by Ann Robinson; a key work on paper Honourable Socks (2010) and an incisive small painting by Nigel Brown. Linda Holloway’s Lemoncello (2012) combines landscape elements with abstract dialogues. Boatsheds and Mt Hobson (2012) by Justin Boroughs is iconic Auckland around the bays.

Sally Smith plays with scale, space and perception in Uplift (2012). Callum Arnold’s West Coast Junction (2008) combines the sensation of moving with the environment. There are also significant works by Bridie Henderson, Luke Jacomb, Neal Palmer and Bruce Hunt.