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Spring Catalogue

22 Sept - 14 Nov 2012

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Exhibition Works

Lord Grant
Geoffrey Notman Lord Grant (2004)
Serpentine No. 102 (Aquamarine)
Lyndsay Patterson Serpentine No. 102 (Aquamarine) (2012)
Nigel Brown Resonate (2008)
Red Lens
John Edgar Red Lens (2012)
Kaitiaki II
Chris Bailey Kaitiaki II (2012)
Late Light, Lindis Pass, Otago
Justin Boroughs Late Light, Lindis Pass, Otago (2012)
Rodent with Dancer
Paul Dibble Rodent with Dancer (2009)
Burn for You
Joanna Braithwaite Burn for You (2012)
Still Life with Red Jug
Dick Frizzell Still Life with Red Jug (2009)
Red Vase [11-64]
John Parker Red Vase [11-64] (2011)
Kawaroa Paddling Pool
Michael Smither Kawaroa Paddling Pool (1998)
Leda and the Swan
Hannah Kidd Leda and the Swan (2012)
Paul Dibble Kowhai (2011)
Let us Weep - for His is Not the Death of the Moon - From Te Whiti Series
Ralph Hotere Let us Weep - for His is Not the Death of the Moon - From Te Whiti Series (1972)
White Lens
John Edgar White Lens (2012)
Small Lattice No. 244
Ian Scott Small Lattice No. 244 (1991)
Rawiri, Poutama
Darryn George Rawiri, Poutama (2006)
Spiral Vase (Red)
Ann Robinson Spiral Vase (Red) (1997)
Tucker's Beach Rd
Michael Hight Tucker's Beach Rd (2012)
Red Bottle [11-36]
John Parker Red Bottle [11-36] (2011)
Fresh 2
Galia Amsel Fresh 2 (2011)
Martin Selman Cross (2010)
Through the Gap (Study 1)
Paul Dibble Through the Gap (Study 1) (2007)
Polyneitus Spring Part IV
Andy Leleisi'uao Polyneitus Spring Part IV (2012)
Sanguine Stunners
Philip Kilmore Sanguine Stunners (2012)
Sargasso Glory
Lyndsay Patterson Sargasso Glory (2012)
Umbilical Paths of Nalo - Part I
Andy Leleisi'uao Umbilical Paths of Nalo - Part I (2010)
Large Twisted Flax Pod #44
Ann Robinson Large Twisted Flax Pod #44 (2011)
Gold Lens
John Edgar Gold Lens (2012)
Railway Cutting
Dick Frizzell Railway Cutting (2001/19)
On Dusk VII
Sally Smith On Dusk VII (2012)
Karl Maughan Piripiri (2007)
Mother Lover Melodrama
Paul Martinson Mother Lover Melodrama (2011)
Red Cylinder [11-52]
John Parker Red Cylinder [11-52] (2011)
Field Study 191
Mike Petre Field Study 191 (2011)
Olive Glory
Lyndsay Patterson Olive Glory (2012)
Katherine Smyth Spin (2008)

Exhibition Text

The Spring Catalogue 2012 exhibition features the compelling photorealism of Philip Kilmore, Geoffrey Notman and Justin Boroughs. It includes a major Michael Smither, Kawaroa Paddling Pool, and paintings of real distinction from Ian Scott, Ralph Hotere, Dick Frizzell, Nigel Brown, Darryn George and Karl Maughan. Paul Martinson’s Mother Lover Drama is a surrealist triumph, uniting the sleeping figures of a woman and two herons with remarkable tenderness.

The recent Transit of Venus provided John Edgar with an idea that has resulted in completely new disc-shaped forms which appear to hover above the surface they are placed on. Acclaimed sculptor Paul Dibble uses humour, and other literary devices, in his work to explore numerous aspects of the human condition and address directly substantial environmental issues. Chris Bailey is an important and significant new figure in NZ sculpture. His Kaitiaki Series reveals both a mastery and sympathy for stone that is utterly acute at the same time as infusing the work with human spirit and multiple cultural dialogues.

Lyndsay Patterson’s new glass forms were blown before being carved. The precision evidenced in these is astonishing: Patterson builds powerful visual rhythms in the repetitive nature of the surface patterns. Ann Robinson’s Twisted Flax Pod # 45 is acknowledged as one of her iconic forms and in this work we witness deft (almost) painterly qualities in the unique manner the glass colour travels, and morphs throughout the pod.

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