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The Review

30 Jun - 22 Aug 2012

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Exhibition Works

Great Balls of Fire
Nigel Brown Great Balls of Fire (2011)
Ribbon (Red)
Christine Cathie Ribbon (Red) (2008)
Mickey to Tiki (Reversed)
Dick Frizzell Mickey to Tiki (Reversed) (2012)
Teddy Bear with Bow
Vicki Fanning Teddy Bear with Bow (2012)
Matuku Moana Jugs (Pale Blue)
Mike Crawford Matuku Moana Jugs (Pale Blue) (2011)
This Distance (Circa 1915) II
Garry Currin This Distance (Circa 1915) II (2008)
Departure Sweep
Neil Dawson Departure Sweep (2008)
Blue Mopheads V
Philip Kilmore Blue Mopheads V (2012)
The Gentleman
Rebecca Harris The Gentleman
Infinity No 1
Stephen Bradbourne Infinity No 1 (2011)
Pa'ceania Part 2 - III
Andy Leleisi'uao Pa'ceania Part 2 - III (2010)
letter from a forgotten hand
Megan Huffadine letter from a forgotten hand (2011)
DECK - Eight of Diamonds
Neil Dawson DECK - Eight of Diamonds (2010)
Teddy Bear
Vicki Fanning Teddy Bear (2012)
Renaissance [15706]
Sue Hawker Renaissance [15706] (2011)
Neal Palmer Smile (2011)
After the Ball
Dick Frizzell After the Ball (2012)
Jug No. 3
Christine Thacker Jug No. 3 (2011)
Mervielle Mopheads
Philip Kilmore Mervielle Mopheads (2012)
Kotuku Jug and Long Bowl (Clear)
Mike Crawford Kotuku Jug and Long Bowl (Clear) (2011)
Whakakotahitanga (Union) 1
Te Rongo Kirkwood Whakakotahitanga (Union) 1 (2011)
This is My Floor
Reuben Paterson This is My Floor (2012)
Toki Series IA
Chris Bailey Toki Series IA (2012)
Lake Wakatipu
Michael Hight Lake Wakatipu (2010)
The 'Terra Nova' in Pressure Ridges off Hut Point, 7 January 1911
Peter James Smith The 'Terra Nova' in Pressure Ridges off Hut Point, 7 January 1911 (2011)
White Linear Vase [13249]
Stephen Bradbourne White Linear Vase [13249] (2009)
Jam Jar Fishers
Paul Martinson Jam Jar Fishers (2011)
Green and Brown Infinity
Stephen Bradbourne Green and Brown Infinity (2012)
Water Jug I
Christine Thacker Water Jug I (2007)
The Three Graces
Philip Kilmore The Three Graces (2012)
Gilding Lily (Lime)
Sue Hawker Gilding Lily (Lime) (2012)
Reuben Paterson G.P.S. (2011)
Neal Palmer Intersection (2011)
Toki Series II
Chris Bailey Toki Series II (2012)
Bear with Bow
Vicki Fanning Bear with Bow (2012)
Ice Station: Vince's Cross, 1902 McMurdo Sound
Peter James Smith Ice Station: Vince's Cross, 1902 McMurdo Sound (2010)

Exhibition Text

The Review features a suite of hydrangea paintings by Philip Kilmore as well as the compelling botanical focused works of Sue Hawker and Neal Palmer.

Peter James Smith’s recent art residency in Antarctica provides the subject for his characteristic style combining the landscape with over-drawn text referencing scientific enquiry and the history of human endeavour.

Vicki Fanning’s figurative application and use of flamed glass is unique in the manner it melds humour and contradiction. Chris Bailey is represented for the first time with two works which “exploit the contrast between rough and polished surfaces” and that demonstrate that the “forms of his work are exactly matched to the nature of his material.” (1) Bailey links his splendid work to important carving traditions.

There are distinctive wall sculptures by Neil Dawson and Megan Huffadine. Andy Leleisi’uao’s emergence as an artist of national significance is demonstrated in a signature work from the Pac’ceania series. Paul Martinson’s Jam Jar Fishers is a surreal joke, delivered with aplomb and artistic mastery. Reuben Paterson is represented by a new screenprint and a recent glitter painting and Dick Frizzell provides two new screenprints.

The Review also includes new glass by Stephen Bradbourne and Mike Crawford plus the iconic ceramic jugs of Christine Thacker.

1. TJ McNamara, NZ Herald, 19 May 2012.