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10 Mar - 4 Apr 2012

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Exhibition Works

Garry Currin Lilburn
Tendril (Orange) (2011)
Christine Cathie Tendril (Orange) (2011)
Jupiter's Moons
Nigel Brown Jupiter's Moons (2011)
Firebush #4
Evelyn Dunstan Firebush #4 (2011)
Taumarumaru (Shadow)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Taumarumaru (Shadow) (2011)
Karl Maughan Piripiri (2007)
Glass Crucible [14785]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [14785] (2011)
Front Line and Firelight
Simon Edwards Front Line and Firelight (2011)
Wings of an Angel
Neal Palmer Wings of an Angel (2011)
Honourable Socks
Nigel Brown Honourable Socks (2010)
The Eye
Nicolas Dillon The Eye (2011)
Quilted Dreams
Sue Hawker Quilted Dreams (2011)
This Little Light of Mine
Reuben Paterson This Little Light of Mine (2011)
Callum Arnold Easterly (2009)
Pohi #15
Darryn George Pohi #15 (2008)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3] (2008)
Night Cap
Rebecca Harris Night Cap (2009)
The Green Green Grass of Home
Tony Bishop The Green Green Grass of Home (2010)
Hua (Seed)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Hua (Seed) (2011)
Lady on a Horse
Dick Frizzell Lady on a Horse (2008)
Black Sand Peak
Neil Frazer Black Sand Peak (2006/08)
Tendril (Olive) (2011)
Christine Cathie Tendril (Olive) (2011)
Plain Song: Study V
J S Parker Plain Song: Study V (2011)
West Coast Rain
Callum Arnold West Coast Rain (2008)
Kaniwha #18
Darryn George Kaniwha #18 (2008)
Reuben Paterson G.P.S. (2011)
Glass Crucible [14790]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [14790] (2011)
Radio Silence
Charlotte Handy Radio Silence (2006)
Whakakotahitanga (Union) 1
Te Rongo Kirkwood Whakakotahitanga (Union) 1 (2011)
Plain Song: Study II
J S Parker Plain Song: Study II (2011)
Callum Arnold Exposed (2009)
In Matagouri
Nicolas Dillon In Matagouri (2011)
Glass Crucible [14319]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [14319] (2010)

Exhibition Text

Reuben Paterson’s astonishing new screen prints (This Little Light of Mine, GPS), Darryn George’s geometric, textural, abstractions and Te Rongo Kirkwood’s table-top glass all use and adapt patterns sourced from the traditions of Maori carving and design.

Tony Bishop locates rhythms and patterns in the southern landscape whereas Neal Palmer finds these in the leaves of flax. Callum Arnold overlays reflections, glimpses and memory with the sensations of travelling. Simon Edwards’ masterful Front Line and Firelight unites beauty and menace, finding them in the mundane technique Canterbury farmers use to clear stubble.

Garry Currin simultaneously hides and reveals the landscape in Lilburn’s Retreat as he pays homage to New Zealand’s great composer. JS Parker’s palette-knife abstractions of the Marlborough landscape build a melodic structure and tonal range that speaks of the season and place. Dick Frizzell implies the landscape by adding a horse and rider to an abstract colour field.