Christine Cathie Exhibitions

The Royal Queenstown Easter Show

9 Apr - 1 Jun 2011

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Exhibition Works

Nigel Brown Resonate (2008)
Twisted Flax Pod #44
Ann Robinson Twisted Flax Pod #44 (2010)
Times Arrow
Dick Frizzell Times Arrow (2007)
Assembled Harmony
Andy Leleisi'uao Assembled Harmony (2009)
Edge of Tutira (Rainbow Trout) 2008
Wayne Barrar Edge of Tutira (Rainbow Trout) 2008
Tunnel Break
Neil Frazer Tunnel Break (2010)
Matuku Moana Jugs (Grey / Blue)
Mike Crawford Matuku Moana Jugs (Grey / Blue) (2011)
Green Road
Karl Maughan Green Road (2007/10)
Tribute: G Parker
Darryn George Tribute: G Parker (2010)
Shift II
Claudia Borella Shift II (2009)
Road - Te Paki
Stanley Palmer Road - Te Paki (2009)
Glass Crucible [14326]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [14326] (2010)
Large Shell Lei
Emily Siddell Large Shell Lei (2011)
Mason Bay #9, 1988 (vintage print 1988)
Wayne Barrar Mason Bay #9, 1988 (vintage print 1988)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3] (2008)
Neal Palmer Hideout (2011)
Helicopter Crash on the Old West Coast Road
Simon Edwards Helicopter Crash on the Old West Coast Road (2007)
Waitakere Evening (2009)
Claudia Borella Waitakere Evening (2009)
Jenna Packer Carnival (2010)
Common Kotuku
Hannah Kidd Common Kotuku (2008)
Patinated Bronze Crucible [14850]
Paul Mason Patinated Bronze Crucible [14850] (2011)
Blue Lake, St Bathans (2009/11)
Peter Evans Blue Lake, St Bathans (2009/11)
Murrine Pacifica [12375] (2007)
Luke Jacomb Murrine Pacifica [12375] (2007)
Field Study 191
Mike Petre Field Study 191 (2011)
Wings of an Angel
Neal Palmer Wings of an Angel (2011)
Woven 2 - Mosaic Bowl
Stephen Bradbourne Woven 2 - Mosaic Bowl (2006)
Doubtful Doubtfully
Nigel Brown Doubtful Doubtfully (2007/08)
Large Feather Kete
Emily Siddell Large Feather Kete (2011)
Tendril (Orange) (2011)
Christine Cathie Tendril (Orange) (2011)
Darryn George Rata (2010)
Burnt Sienna Waka Paddle [12388]
Luke Jacomb Burnt Sienna Waka Paddle [12388] (2008)
Marking Time
Neil Frazer Marking Time (2010)
Michael Hight Cambrians (2007)
Too Much is Never Enough (Yellow Base)
Sue Hawker Too Much is Never Enough (Yellow Base) (2011)
Give Way
Simon Edwards Give Way (2007)
Sluiced Hills #3, St Bathans (2008/11)
Peter Evans Sluiced Hills #3, St Bathans (2008/11)
Field Study 192
Mike Petre Field Study 192 (2011)
South Coast
Callum Arnold South Coast (2009)
Glass Crucible [14327]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [14327] (2010)

Exhibition Text

The Royal Queenstown Easter Show is now firmly established as an important annual overview of the depth, breadth and extraordinary achievements characterising contemporary New Zealand art.

The show contains significant paintings, glass, photography and sculpture. There are new paintings by Mike Petre, compelling works from Darryn George and Neal Palmer. Sue Hawker, recent winner of the prestigious Ranamok Glass Prize, presents pate de verre glass of great complexity. Mike Crawford’s Matuku Moana Jugs are imbued with the poise and sensations of birds feeding. Hannah Kidd’s skill of representational accuracy and innate animal character is to be seen in a suite of antlered fawns. Peter Evans’ superb photographs of St. Bathans present the uniqueness of that most remarkable place.

There are exquisite drawings by Simon Edwards, and signature glass works by Claudia Borella, Luke Jacomb, Emily Siddell and Christine Cathie. Major works include Nigel Brown’s evocative Resonate, Karl Maughan’s beautiful Green Road and Ann Robinson’s masterful Red Curved Vase. Recent paintings by Stanley Palmer, Callum Arnold, Andy Leleisi’uao (McCahon artist in residence 2010), Neil Frazer, Jenna Packer and Reuben Paterson are also featured. Wayne Barrar (currently artist in residence at University of Northhampton and with a major survey exhibition touring New Zealand now) is represented by two wonderful photographs.