Ann Robinson Exhibitions

The Earl Street Journal

27 Nov - 9 Mar 2010

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Exhibition Works

City with New Flyover
Robert Ellis City with New Flyover (1968)
Flare 2
Galia Amsel Flare 2 (2010)
Untitled (Large Red Kowhaiwhai)
Reuben Paterson Untitled (Large Red Kowhaiwhai) (2009)
Curved Vase (2009)
Ann Robinson Curved Vase (2009)
Huia Spoons
Mike Crawford Huia Spoons (2010)
Peata Larkin Untitled (2007)
Separation / Entanglement
Tim Royall Separation / Entanglement (2008)
Field Study 101
Mike Petre Field Study 101 (2007)
Night Store
Grahame Sydney Night Store (2002)
Glass Crucible [14323]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [14323] (2010)
Pack of Five (6)
W D Hammond Pack of Five (6) (1999)
Japonica - For Midge
Layla Walter Japonica - For Midge (2008)
oracle No 1
Megan Huffadine oracle No 1 (2009)
Duo Chrome I
Elizabeth Rees Duo Chrome I (2003)
Head / Flower (2009)
Terry Stringer Head / Flower (2009)
Hamlon Road
Karl Maughan Hamlon Road (2010)
Non Vocal Dawn Chorus Vol. 2
Paul Martinson Non Vocal Dawn Chorus Vol. 2 (2010)
Chihuahuas (Reuben and Toby)
Hannah Kidd Chihuahuas (Reuben and Toby) (2010)
Be My Teddy Bear
Nigel Brown Be My Teddy Bear (2010)
Moa Bowl [14477] (2010)
Mike Crawford Moa Bowl [14477] (2010)
Plate 6
Neil Dawson Plate 6 (2008)
12-XII-87 Matauri Bay
Ralph Hotere 12-XII-87 Matauri Bay (1987)
Vortex Conical Flask [10-12]
John Parker Vortex Conical Flask [10-12] (2010)
Lorraine Rastorfer Dropped (2006)
The Children (2008)
Richard Orjis The Children (2008)
Neal Palmer MG5 (2010)
After Stubbs: Field Study 139
Mike Petre After Stubbs: Field Study 139 (2010)
Cube (Orange / Red)
John Edgar Cube (Orange / Red) (2008)
Tussle - Keas
Nicolas Dillon Tussle - Keas (2010)
Nigel Brown Marriage (2010)
Power Pole [14131]
Simon Wards Power Pole [14131] (2010)
Beneath Bowen Falls To Mitre Peak, Fiordland 2000
Wayne Barrar Beneath Bowen Falls To Mitre Peak, Fiordland 2000 (printed 200)
Patikitiki Connect IV
Peata Larkin Patikitiki Connect IV (2008)
Callum Arnold Valley (2009)
Black Sand Peak
Neil Frazer Black Sand Peak (2006/08)
Puketika and the Lindis River
Bruce Hunt Puketika and the Lindis River (2008)
Still Life for Keith & Ernie #7 [10-44]
John Parker Still Life for Keith & Ernie #7 [10-44] (2008-10)
Heart Lei
Emily Siddell Heart Lei (2010)
Simon Edwards Swift (2010)
Ngahere Karauna (Forest Crown #4) (2009)
Evelyn Dunstan Ngahere Karauna (Forest Crown #4) (2009)
Glass Crucible [14327]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [14327] (2010)
Mopheads II
Philip Kilmore Mopheads II (2010)
Too Much is Never Enough [14688]
Sue Hawker Too Much is Never Enough [14688] (2010)
Harrisons Line
Karl Maughan Harrisons Line (2010)
In the Red
Elizabeth Rees In the Red (2009)
Red China Bottle [10-47]
John Parker Red China Bottle [10-47] (2010)
West Coast Towards
Callum Arnold West Coast Towards (2008)
Heritage Map (2010)
Penny Stotter Heritage Map (2010)
Brood Mare
Rebecca Harris Brood Mare (2010)
Burnt Sienna Waka Paddle [12388]
Luke Jacomb Burnt Sienna Waka Paddle [12388] (2008)
The Shipping Forecast
Charlotte Handy The Shipping Forecast (2006)
Landscape With Fires I
Garry Currin Landscape With Fires I (2007)
Nicolas Dillon Tui (2010)
Four Shades of White
Wendy Fairclough Four Shades of White (2009)
Untitled (undated)
Robin White Untitled (undated)
Glass Crucible [14328]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [14328] (2010)

Exhibition Text

Showing for the first time, The Earl Street Journal is a major exhibition involving the ground and first floor gallery spaces.

It features major investment profile works by Robert Ellis, Ralph Hotere, W D Hammond, Ann Robinson and others. Recently inducted 2010 Arts Laureate, the great ceramist, John Parker has produced a large scale white still-life work (openly acknowledging his debt to Ernest Shufflebotham and Keith Murray). He also explores in a new group of works the distinct qualities of red and black glaze.

Megan Huffadine’s distinctive wall-mounted sculpted forms are imbued with thoughtful presence, spinning with implied meaning and possibilities. Karl Maughan’s increasingly abstract technique takes the viewer on a journey into the melodies of colour and the sensation of being in the garden. Wendy Fairclough explores tone, substance, hue and space between objects. Richard Orjis strips the extraneous away, revealing both the painted beauty and the sexual allure of orchids.

Emily Siddell combines repeated ceramic and glass forms into suspended lei’s. Galia Amsel’s Flare 2 plays with glass mass, surface treatment and a painterly investigation of colour flow and change. Neil Dawson’s Plate 6 uses shadow and the partial narrative sourced from the willow pattern plate, contrasting this with the architectural device of a crossed beam.

Ranamok Glass Prize winner Sue Hawker is represented by a directly comparable work of such marvellous complexity as to defy questions of how it was made.

The Earl Street Journal includes significant work by artists new to the gallery (Paul Martinson’s surreal combination of extinct birds and the female figure; Philip Kilmore’s remarkably detailed, beautiful, hydrangeas; and Nicholas Dillon’s compelling ornithological studies of keas, pied oystercatchers and tuis). There is a broad selection of fine works on paper by Nigel Brown, Grahame Sydney, Robin White and Penny Stotter. Key paintings by Neil Frazer, Bruce Hunt, Callum Arnold, Mike Petre and Elizabeth Rees.