Mike Crawford Exhibitions

Glass 09

21 Oct - 15 Nov 2009

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Exhibition Works

Afternoon Light - Miniature (2009)
Claudia Borella Afternoon Light - Miniature (2009)
Transference 11 (2008)
Claudia Borella Transference 11 (2008)
One Evening - Miniature (2009)
Claudia Borella One Evening - Miniature (2009)
Waitakere Sunset 1 - Miniature (2009)
Claudia Borella Waitakere Sunset 1 - Miniature (2009)
Ngahere Karauna (Forest Crown #5) (2009)
Evelyn Dunstan Ngahere Karauna (Forest Crown #5) (2009)
Firebush #1
Evelyn Dunstan Firebush #1 (2009)
Nikau Canopy #2
Evelyn Dunstan Nikau Canopy #2 (2009)
Black Huia Bowl (Male)
Mike Crawford Black Huia Bowl (Male) (2009)
Red Moa Bowl (2009)
Mike Crawford Red Moa Bowl (2009)
Kelp Moa Bowl
Mike Crawford Kelp Moa Bowl (2009)
Black Huia Bowl (Female)
Mike Crawford Black Huia Bowl (Female) (2009)
Bombora Gigantes 2
Lee Brogan Bombora Gigantes 2 (2009)
Bombora Gigantes 1
Lee Brogan Bombora Gigantes 1 (2009)
Bombora Gigantes 3
Lee Brogan Bombora Gigantes 3 (2009)
Connexions: Adam
Sue Hawker Connexions: Adam (2009)
Connexions: Ginga
Sue Hawker Connexions: Ginga (2009)
Connexions: Ringo
Sue Hawker Connexions: Ringo (2009)
White Linear Orb [13248]
Stephen Bradbourne White Linear Orb [13248] (2009)
White Linear Bottle No. 6 (2009)
Stephen Bradbourne White Linear Bottle No. 6 (2009)
Marble Elipse (2009)
Robyn Irwin Marble Elipse (2009)
Group of  Landscape Vessels (2009)
Lyndsay Patterson Group of Landscape Vessels (2009)
Clear Landscape Vessel (Kapiti)
Lyndsay Patterson Clear Landscape Vessel (Kapiti) (2009)
Aquamarine Landscape Vessel (Arapawa)
Lyndsay Patterson Aquamarine Landscape Vessel (Arapawa) (2009)
Cherry Landscape Vessel (Tapu Te Ranga)
Lyndsay Patterson Cherry Landscape Vessel (Tapu Te Ranga) (2009)
Arrival (Grey) [13282]
Katherine Rutecki Arrival (Grey) [13282] (2009)
Departure (Grey) [13283]
Katherine Rutecki Departure (Grey) [13283] (2009)
Embrace (Kelp) [13285]
Katherine Rutecki Embrace (Kelp) [13285] (2009)
Dive (Bronze) [13284]
Katherine Rutecki Dive (Bronze) [13284] (2009)
Power Pole [13422]
Simon Wards Power Pole [13422] (2009)
Power Pole [13424]
Simon Wards Power Pole [13424] (2009)
Power Pole [13423]
Simon Wards Power Pole [13423] (2009)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH4]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH4] (2008)
Hidden Secrets 1
Emily Siddell Hidden Secrets 1 (2009)
Hidden Secrets 2
Emily Siddell Hidden Secrets 2 (2009)

Exhibition Text

Glass 09 is now well-established as an important annual survey exhibition. It includes prominent, critically acclaimed, internationally collected New Zealand glass artists as well as emerging artists who have produced work of importance in the preceding twelve months.

Lee Brogan (who won the Molly Morpeth Canaday Award for glass in 2008) and Sue Hawker are both from the emerging glass community in Northland. They are using and reinvigorating the pate de verre technique of cast glass which permits qualities of apparent fragility, pitted surface and holes in the form to develop as integral devices. Consequently Brogan’s large scale skull forms have powerful narratives about mortality. Conversely Hawker’s works explore through a built lattice structure the deconstruction of the vase form with startling results.

Kate Rutecki (who has recently migrated to New Zealand from the United States of America where she is represented by prominent galleries) presents a suite of flying birds mounted on stands. Her ability to reveal the anatomy of birds and the motion of flight is very convincing. To this human-like tenderness is added. Mike Crawford is also presenting bird forms but he has abstracted these to single colour forms and fluid rhythms.

Simon Wards has taken the ubiquitous New Zealand wooden lamppost and turned this into a glass metaphor. He makes the everyday unique and precious.

Lyndsay Patterson – like Stephen Bradbourne – works in hot glass, blowing forms which are then cold-worked (by being carved back). Recipient of the Thomas Foundation Glass Award (2006), Patterson has produced a grouping of inter-related carved landscape vessels that explore notions of being. Bradbourne’s murrine bottle forms are elegant and exquisite, demonstrating a mastery of restricted colour and pattern.

Claudia Borella is an internationally prominent glass artist based in Wanganui. The abstract language of her work is noticeably painterly in character. The unique effects achieved through the technique of fusing glass layers together and how light interact with the surface and depths make her work very special.

Evelyn Dunstan (winner of the Ranamok Glass Prize, 2007) works at the outer edge of what is possible in cast glass. Her open basket forms of entwined branches, leaves and flowers are technical astonishments as well as being decisive and forthright in their environmental narratives.

The highly regarded Emily Siddell, Robyn Irwin and Luke Jacomb complete the line-up of Glass 09 with key works.