Terry Stringer Exhibitions

3-Dimensional Sculpture / Glass / Ceramics

8 Jul - 5 Aug 2004

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Exhibition Works

Shore Lines (nd)
Graham Bennett Shore Lines (nd)
Distance Estimates 1 (2003)
Graham Bennett Distance Estimates 1 (2003)
Lines Extending, Measured And Unmeasured
Graham Bennett Lines Extending, Measured And Unmeasured (2004)
Tauihu II, Nga Kaitikai Series 5 (2000)
Manos Nathan Tauihu II, Nga Kaitikai Series 5 (2000)
Gerrard McCabe Comet
Scent Bottle (Jade/Orange Stopper) (2003)
Nicole Lucas Scent Bottle (Jade/Orange Stopper) (2003)
Scent Bottle (Pale Cobalt/Lime Stopper) (2003)
Nicole Lucas Scent Bottle (Pale Cobalt/Lime Stopper) (2003)
What Seekest Thou Far In The Unknown Land? (2003)
Wendy Fairclough What Seekest Thou Far In The Unknown Land? (2003)
Multicoloured Squares Within Squares (2002)
Moana Nepia Multicoloured Squares Within Squares (2002)
Botanical Series - Red
Garry Nash Botanical Series - Red (2002)
Attunement 4 (2003) detail
Veronika Maser Attunement 4 (2003) detail
Between Thoughts (2003) detail
Veronika Maser Between Thoughts (2003) detail
Nectar III
Emily Siddell Nectar III (2004)
Reservoir Series II (9) (2004)
Emily Siddell Reservoir Series II (9) (2004)
Treading Lightly 5 & 6
Nicole Lucas Treading Lightly 5 & 6 (2002)
Kate Wells Discover (1992)
Epicentre (2003)
Mervyn Williams Epicentre (2003)
Mervyn Williams Sorrel (2002)
Untitled 7
John Nicol Untitled 7 (2003)
For Ever 2 (2004)
John Nicol For Ever 2 (2004)
God Will Grant Grant Our Prayers (2003)
Sarah Guppy God Will Grant Grant Our Prayers (2003)
Essay in Philos (2003)
Sarah Guppy Essay in Philos (2003)
Presence 3 (2003) detail
Merryn Jones Presence 3 (2003) detail
Artist & Model (1998)
Terry Stringer Artist & Model (1998)
Dressed Vessel (2004)
Cheryl Lucas Dressed Vessel (2004)
Little Collision
Cheryl Lucas Little Collision (2004)
Pollen Flying
Christine Boswijk Pollen Flying (2003)
Miniscus Series: Biography
Christine Boswijk Miniscus Series: Biography (1999)
Sebastian - Martyr Ware (2003)
Heather Straka Sebastian - Martyr Ware (2003)
Sebastian - Virtuous China (2003)
Heather Straka Sebastian - Virtuous China (2003)
Bouquet (Small) (2003)
Jeff Thomson Bouquet (Small) (2003)
Mrs Cook's Cabinet (2002)
Christine Hellyar Mrs Cook's Cabinet (2002)

Exhibition Text

In this exhibition artists explore three dimensions in various ways. Sculpture is the most traditional method artist employ often using the human figure and beckoning the viewer’s hand. Here Stringer not only references one of the most well known art historical figures (Bottecelli’s Venus) but brings it into the third dimension and even alludes to the sculpture’s own figure or presence.

Others such as Frazer and Williams stay within two dimensions and deceive the viewer with the third. Nepia uses feathers as if paint but presents them with their architecture and invites the sensuousness of touch. Fairclough’s work beckons and questions the viewer to sample Eden’s (Aotearoa/New Zealand) apples in all their glass fragility. Nash while making reference to nature in form has enriched the original with his colour saturation, the smoothness and lustre of glass. Still referencing nature, Nicol (Untitled 7) excels with burgeoning potential of new life and growth.

Jones encompasses many dimensions citing not only growth but decay and the presence of the fourth dimension by way of the seasons. In this surprisingly simple but beautiful work, movement and the unexpected shadow game play significant supporting roles as the leaves float free of the wall.