Neil Dawson Exhibitions

Neil Dawson

Selected Works

31 May - 25 Jun 2014

Exhibition Works

Vanishing Point 2
Vanishing Point 2 (2007)
Cloud 10
Cloud 10 (2013)
Swirl - Blue Darts
Swirl - Blue Darts (2012)
Cloud 15
Cloud 15 (2014)
Vortex 5
Vortex 5 (2012)
Silver Sweep - Silent Advance
Silver Sweep - Silent Advance (2008)
Cloud 9
Cloud 9 (2013)
BEAM - Five Fingers
BEAM - Five Fingers (2007)
Cloud 14
Cloud 14 (2013)
Vanishing Point 13
Vanishing Point 13 (2007)
Plate 6
Plate 6 (2008)
Blue Retreat Sweep
Blue Retreat Sweep (2010)
BEAM - Golden Oak Leaves
BEAM - Golden Oak Leaves (2008)
Cloud 12
Cloud 12 (2013)
Pulse Disc 3
Pulse Disc 3 (2011)

Exhibition Text

Neil Dawson is a sculptural magician. He uses paradox, illusion, transparency, shadow, scale alteration, repetition and the dynamics of momentum as he manipulates perspective and form.

He instigates transformations and builds visual riddles using parallax, interference, reflection and refraction. He blurs boundaries between the tangible and intangible, between the real and imagined. He uses architectural devices, interlacing geometric patterns, illusions of mass, spiralling patterns, sweeping arcs and notions of rising and falling in masterful works that defy convention.

He allows colour to alter as you watch, and hides hues on undersides and edges that are discovered and revealed. He juxtaposes constructed and natural objects – making clouds out of chairs, I-beams, birds, darts; cones out of leaves – in works that tell partial stories and attain wonderful lightness of being.

Selected Works covers seven years and six significant series, and includes new works.