Dick Frizzell Exhibitions

The Royal Queenstown Easter Show

5 Mar - 27 Apr 2016

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Exhibition Works

Brent Wong Snowstorm (1973)
Neodymium Bowl
Ann Robinson Neodymium Bowl (1996)
To Grow Unnoticed
Reuben Paterson To Grow Unnoticed (2015)
Karl Maughan Kaiwhara (2015)
Rabbit Fights Back 2
Paul Dibble Rabbit Fights Back 2 (2015)
Vineyard Track
Dick Frizzell Vineyard Track (2015)
Operator: Marble / Blue Glass Cross [JE73]
John Edgar Operator: Marble / Blue Glass Cross [JE73] (2015)
Old Flames
Simon Edwards Old Flames (2002/11)
Iu of Pumalia
Andy Leleisi'uao Iu of Pumalia (2012)
Black Halos 15
Neil Dawson Black Halos 15 (2015)
Plain Song: Eschscholzias
J S Parker Plain Song: Eschscholzias (2001)
Figure in a Landscape
Terry Stringer Figure in a Landscape (2009)
The Gold of the Kowhai
Paul Dibble The Gold of the Kowhai (2014)
Kyeburn Station
Michael Hight Kyeburn Station (2015)
Woman with Turban
Terry Stringer Woman with Turban (2015)
Flower Power
Simon Clark Flower Power (2015)
The Daffodil
Reuben Paterson The Daffodil (2014)
Domestic Bliss (Lioness)
Hannah Kidd Domestic Bliss (Lioness) (2011)
Crystal Clear
Neil Frazer Crystal Clear (2015)
John Edgar Bomb (2015)
Fern Vase (Spore)
Ann Robinson Fern Vase (Spore) (2014)
Simon Edwards Uplift (2015)
Operator: Marble / Green Glass Cross [JE74]
John Edgar Operator: Marble / Green Glass Cross [JE74] (2015)
Michael Hight Waiotapu (2014)
Shaded Track
Dick Frizzell Shaded Track (2012)
Echo Vase 1
Merilyn Wiseman Echo Vase 1 (2014)
A Young Love - Torso P
Pat Hanly A Young Love - Torso P (1977)
Black Halos 20
Neil Dawson Black Halos 20 (2015)
She'll Be Right
Nigel Brown She'll Be Right (2001)
Limestone Road Kawhia
Dick Frizzell Limestone Road Kawhia (2015)
Into a Head Wind
Paul Dibble Into a Head Wind (2014)
Oculus People Part I
Andy Leleisi'uao Oculus People Part I (2014)
Operator: Marble / Red Glass Cross [JE75]
John Edgar Operator: Marble / Red Glass Cross [JE75] (2015)
Tarn Shelf
Neil Frazer Tarn Shelf (2015)
Private Driveway - Hawkes Bay
Dick Frizzell Private Driveway - Hawkes Bay (2014)
Turning Head
Terry Stringer Turning Head (2015)
Forget Me Not (Iris)
Charlotte Handy Forget Me Not (Iris) (2015)

The Royal Queenstown Easter Show 2016 presents important new works across various media and a number of extraordinary older works of museum standard. It commences with Paul Dibble’s trademark humour and biting irony: the pestilent rabbit of Central Otago is now armed and fighting back.

Neil Frazer’s Tarn Shelf (2015), Dick Frizzell’s Shaded Track (2012), Simon Edward’s Uplift (2015) and Michael Hight’s Kyeburn Station (2015) each present quite different aspects of the Central Otago landscape: its numerous realities, complex moods, mutable atmospheres, and how it is farmed and used.

Brent Wong’s astounding Snowstorm (1973) is a surreal allegory, imbued with portent and endless mystery. Neil Dawson’s Black Halos works recompose space, using the vagaries of altering shadow and recessive pattern. Pat Hanly’s wonderfully abstracted heart-shaped figure A Young Love - Torso P (1977) is strewn with sensations and joy.

Karl Maughan’s compelling Kaiwhara (2015) entices the viewer to walk alongside the rhododendrons and then go deeper into the garden. Much is likewise suggested and abruptly changed by Terry Stringer’s morphing images in Figure in a Landscape (2009) and Turning Head (2015).

Plain Song: Eschoscholzias (2001) by J S Parker is a masterful visual hymn to summer and the connections between land and sky. Reuben Paterson’s beautiful Aroma of Black series of paintings traverse the traditions of floral design and Dutch still life, harnessing the light refracting properties of glitter in his unique, acclaimed manner.

John Edgar’s sympathy and understanding of stone is as rare as it is remarkable, as demonstrated in the sublime Bomb (2015).

Now in its seventh year, the Royal Queenstown Easer Show also features key works by Charlotte Handy, Andy Leleisi’uao, Ann Robinson, Nigel Brown, Hannah Kidd, Simon Clark and Merilyn Wiseman.