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Studio 9A

27 Jan - 27 Mar 2023

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Exhibition Works

Wait on My Return
Chris Heaphy Wait on My Return (2022)
This Is Your Time
Chris Heaphy This Is Your Time (2022)
This Isn't Everything You Are
Chris Heaphy This Isn't Everything You Are (2022)
Once in a Lifetime
Chris Heaphy Once in a Lifetime (2017)
Sage, Lavender, Orange
Amanda Gruenwald Sage, Lavender, Orange (2022)
Green, Sienna, Pink
Amanda Gruenwald Green, Sienna, Pink (2022)
Red, Ochre, Green
Amanda Gruenwald Red, Ochre, Green (2022)
Maroon, Orange, Green
Amanda Gruenwald Maroon, Orange, Green (2022)
Waterlilies #3
Darryn George Waterlilies #3 (2020)
Māra #4
Darryn George Māra #4 (2019)
Garden of Eden (3-3-21)
Darryn George Garden of Eden (3-3-21) (2021)
Winter Solstice
Ralph Hotere Winter Solstice (1988)
Mark Mitchell Skyline (2022)
Skyline II
Mark Mitchell Skyline II (2022)
Skyline III
Mark Mitchell Skyline III (2022)
Frequencies (White)
Mark Mitchell Frequencies (White) (2022)
Blue Horizon
Mark Mitchell Blue Horizon (2022)
Aotea'ula Tri (Tī Kōuka / Harakeke)
Yuki Kihara Aotea'ula Tri (Tī Kōuka / Harakeke) (2021/22)
Aotea'ula Tu (Harakeke)
Yuki Kihara Aotea'ula Tu (Harakeke) (2021/22)
Nigel Brown Tawaki (2015)
Nature Me Too
Nigel Brown Nature Me Too (2018-21)
Stories of a Lost Land
Paul Dibble Stories of a Lost Land (2022)
Godwits Do Fly
Paul Dibble Godwits Do Fly (2019)
Untitled (Rabbit)
Paul Dibble Untitled (Rabbit) (2021)
Lisa Reihana Pietà (2021)
Lisa Reihana Kahurangi (2021)
Adorning Rangi
Lisa Reihana Adorning Rangi (2021)
Figures with Smoke
Euan Macleod Figures with Smoke (2001/02)
Digging / Painting / Rain
Euan Macleod Digging / Painting / Rain (2009)
Otama Flat Road - West of Gore
Dick Frizzell Otama Flat Road - West of Gore (2019)
Mt St Bathans from St Bathans Downs Road
Dick Frizzell Mt St Bathans from St Bathans Downs Road (2019)
Karl Maughan Colyton (2010)
Grahame Sydney Hinterland (2000)
Michael Hight Gimmerburn (2006)
Peel Forest
Michael Hight Peel Forest (2012)
Rock Steps
Neil Frazer Rock Steps (2022)
Shadow Peak
Neil Frazer Shadow Peak (2022)
In the Open
Natchez Hudson In the Open (2022)
Some Kind of Nature
Natchez Hudson Some Kind of Nature (2022)
Letting Go While Holding On
Natchez Hudson Letting Go While Holding On (2022)
Project II Blue
Milan Mrkusich Project II Blue (1982)
Polychrome Conical Bottle [PC 43]
John Parker Polychrome Conical Bottle [PC 43] (2021)
Charcoal Grooved Vessel [PC 35]
John Parker Charcoal Grooved Vessel [PC 35] (2021)
Charcoal Grooved Vessel [PC 31]
John Parker Charcoal Grooved Vessel [PC 31] (2021)
Matt White Grooved Bottle [PC 26]
John Parker Matt White Grooved Bottle [PC 26] (2021)
Matt White Ridged Orb [22-21]
John Parker Matt White Ridged Orb [22-21] (2022)

Exhibition Text

Studio 9A includes museum standard, outstanding, career-defining works by Euan Macleod, Michael Hight, Milan Mrkusich, Paul Dibble, Ralph Hotere, Dick Frizzell, Chris Heaphy and Darryn George.

We welcome Amanda Gruenwald to Milford Galleries for the first time ahead of her solo exhibition later in the year. There are masterful new works by Mark Mitchell and Natchez Hudson alongside Neil Frazer’s unique silhouetted renditions of the New Zealand alpine landscape.

Included also are selected photographic works by the internationally significant and critically acclaimed Lisa Reihana and Yuki Kihara.

Distinctive works by Grahame Sydney, Nigel Brown, Karl Maughan and John Parker further extend the dialogues of Studio 9A.