Neil Adcock Exhibitions

The Arrow

20 Nov - 14 Dec 2021

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Exhibition Works

Pangaea (Obirkovia)
Natchez Hudson Pangaea (Obirkovia) (2021)
Pangaea (Dimetrodon II)
Natchez Hudson Pangaea (Dimetrodon II) (2021)
Pangaea (Dimetrodon I)
Natchez Hudson Pangaea (Dimetrodon I) (2021)
Pangaea (Meganeuropsis)
Natchez Hudson Pangaea (Meganeuropsis) (2021)
Hardtack Eddy
Natchez Hudson Hardtack Eddy (2016)
Misty Barn
Dick Frizzell Misty Barn (2015)
Alexandra Morning
Dick Frizzell Alexandra Morning (2019)
Out from Outram
Dick Frizzell Out from Outram (2019)
Otama Flat Road - West of Gore
Dick Frizzell Otama Flat Road - West of Gore (2019)
Plum Tree Alex
Dick Frizzell Plum Tree Alex (2019)
Cradle I
Phil Brooks Cradle I (2021)
Cradle II
Phil Brooks Cradle II (2021)
Cradle IV
Phil Brooks Cradle IV (2021)
Cradle III
Phil Brooks Cradle III (2021)
Phil Brooks Miela (2021)
Phil Brooks Obi (2021)
A Displaced Walk
Andy Leleisi'uao A Displaced Walk (2020)
A Displaced Meander
Andy Leleisi'uao A Displaced Meander (2020)
A Displaced Wander
Andy Leleisi'uao A Displaced Wander (2020)
A Displaced Saunter
Andy Leleisi'uao A Displaced Saunter (2020)
Surge 5
Galia Amsel Surge 5 (2021)
Rise 9
Galia Amsel Rise 9 (2021)
West Wind Drift 5
Galia Amsel West Wind Drift 5 (2021)
Spring 14
Galia Amsel Spring 14 (2017)
Neil Dawson Florasphere (2018)
Tiki 37 B4
Neil Adcock Tiki 37 B4 (2021)
Tiki /6
Neil Adcock Tiki /6 (2020)
Tiki S4
Neil Adcock Tiki S4 (2020)
Winter Garden
Jenna Packer Winter Garden (2021)
Our Lady
Jenna Packer Our Lady (2021)
Jenna Packer Hothouse (2021)
Utopiaroa II
Jenna Packer Utopiaroa II (2021)

Exhibition Text

Pangaea meaning ‘all the earth’ in early geological time was a supercontinent incorporating almost all of the landmasses of the world. Natchez Hudson’s extended series of that name (recently exhibited at the Suter Art Gallery, Nelson) is a startling combination of deftly delivered photo-realist alpine landscapes directly contrasted by innovative material insertions and the counterpoint conversations of abstract minimalism.

Andy Leleisi’uao, just announced as recipient of the Senior Pacific Artist Award for 2022, delivers endless visual parables. Part-game, part-story of human endeavour, Leleisi’uao’s plural language crosses boundaries of time, cultures and event. Playing with scale and perspective, Leleisi’uao demonstrates a unique preparedness to recompose and divide pictorial space into compartments and sequences of windows and panoramas, inside which no object or body shape is ever as first seemed, no narrative completely fixed or final.

Jenna Packer also crosses back and forth in time, using the past as a metaphor of engagement as she comments on our times.  Neil Adcock uses the palette of internal occlusions revealed in slices of pounamu, the language of suggestion and the multi-faceted tradition of the tiki to deliver sculptures riven with personality and cultural significance. Phil Brooks places the architecture of form at the very centre of stoneware that simultaneously explores notions of open and closed, inside and out. Evidencing a degree of restraint noticeably rare and an unmistakeable visual character, Brooks is clearly established as a major new figure in New Zealand ceramics.

Galia Amsel harnesses light to reveal transitioning shape and the unique internal space present only in glass. Her works elicit profound sensations of seasons, weather, wind and movement. The skin-like surfaces – variously acid etched and sand-blasted – trap light and/or allow it to pass. In this way, her works build internal atmospheres while undergoing ceaseless alteration, change and expression.

Dick Frizzell celebrates the familiar, finding his very distinctive rhythmic visual language in the apparently ordinary. Exhibiting a rare mastery of the particular indices of each location and every place, Frizzell’s rendering authority and varied use of light elevates his subject to the iconic.