Russell Moses Exhibitions

The Earl Street Journal

30 Jan - 16 Mar 2021

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Exhibition Works

Māra #3
Darryn George Māra #3 (2019)
Māra #1
Darryn George Māra #1 (2019)
Garden of Eden #42
Darryn George Garden of Eden #42 (2019)
Ōhua / Seedlings In
Zena Elliott Ōhua / Seedlings In (2017)
Zena Elliott Timotimo (2018)
EFKS Church, Maraenui
Yuki Kihara EFKS Church, Maraenui (2017)
Whakatu Freezing Works, Heretaunga
Yuki Kihara Whakatu Freezing Works, Heretaunga (2017)
Old Courthouse, Apia
Yuki Kihara Old Courthouse, Apia (2013)
Hidden Depths
Graham Bennett Hidden Depths (2006/18)
Graham Bennett Connect (2018)
I Will Follow You
Peata Larkin I Will Follow You (2018)
Peata Larkin Aitanga (2018)
See Me
Peata Larkin See Me (2019)
Peata Larkin Mahea (2020)
Natchez Hudson Heracleion (2020)
Natchez Hudson Carthage (2020)
Skara Brae
Natchez Hudson Skara Brae (2020)
Darkness Sets in with Solemn Silence
Peter James Smith Darkness Sets in with Solemn Silence (2017)
After Days and Nights in the Wilderness
Peter James Smith After Days and Nights in the Wilderness (2018)
The Hall Arm, Doubtful Sound
Peter James Smith The Hall Arm, Doubtful Sound (2018)
Charles Heaphy's Sketch of Puysegur Point, 1874
Peter James Smith Charles Heaphy's Sketch of Puysegur Point, 1874 (2018)
Ohau - Return to Raupo Lagoon
Bruce Hunt Ohau - Return to Raupo Lagoon (2012)
The Smell of Rain - Lindis
Bruce Hunt The Smell of Rain - Lindis (2017)
Flight (Chain Hill and the Middle Hills)
Bruce Hunt Flight (Chain Hill and the Middle Hills) (2008)
Blue Jay Feather
Neil Dawson Blue Jay Feather (2020)
Red Parrot Feather
Neil Dawson Red Parrot Feather (2020)
Macaw Feather
Neil Dawson Macaw Feather (2020)
Russell Moses Sunset (2019)
Sky Pool
Russell Moses Sky Pool (2020)
First Light I
Russell Moses First Light I (2020)
Damien Kurth Nail (2015)
Damien Kurth Ware (2020)
Damien Kurth Assemblage (2020)
Shadow Play
Leanne Morrison Shadow Play (2020)
Blue Angel
Leanne Morrison Blue Angel (2020)
Wildflower III
Leanne Morrison Wildflower III (2019)

Exhibition Text

The language of pattern and the rhythm of spaces commence the dialogues of the Earl Street Journal: there are the abstracted cultural narratives of Peata Larkin, the exhilarating iridescence of Neil Dawson’s wall-mounted feathers, the ever-altering light-infused tablets of Russell Moses, the relief carvings and colour repetitions of Zena Elliott.

Peter James Smith fuses the passage of time and scientific endeavor with the majesty and menace of the Fiordland landscape. Bruce Hunt takes us into the immensity of the Central Otago alpine landscape, whereas Natchez Hudson questions how we read the environment and what we are doing to it today.

Damien Kurth’s still life works contrast the apparently mundane, revealing them to be vectors of beauty. Darryn George presents the world as an organic stage set and a Christian parable. Yuki Kihara in her time-travelling Salome alter-ego explores the vestiges of memory in colonial Sāmoa and in the empty Whakatu Freezing Works site.

Leanne Morrison with rare dexterity and revealing optical effects explores the advancing and receding properties of colour. Graham Bennett’s distinctive sculpture – the subject of a major Ron Sang publication and a survey exhibition at Christchurch Art Gallery – establishes multiple sight lines. Combining a narrative of measuring devices, traditional Polynesian patterns and rotating, allusive, pod forms (recalling seeds as well as sections of the globe) Bennett develops important narratives about our environment and behaviour.