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The Whakatipu Chronicle

28 Nov 2020 - 26 Jan 2021

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Exhibition Works

Karl Maughan Ararata (2020)
Karl Maughan Kapuni (2020)
Karl Maughan Parnassus (2019)
Blind River
Karl Maughan Blind River (2019)
Karl Maughan Purangi (2020)
Ben Pearce Phuno (2020)
Tapuaenuku: The Watcher
Michael Hight Tapuaenuku: The Watcher (2018)
Michael Hight Waitaanga (2016)
Needle of Tane
Chris Charteris Needle of Tane (2019)
Plutonic Strand
Chris Charteris Plutonic Strand (2020)
Singing Kōhatu
Chris Charteris Singing Kōhatu (2020)
Chris Charteris Undivided (2018)
Tiki 9
Neil Adcock Tiki 9 (2019)
People 04
Neil Adcock People 04 (2020)
People 06
Neil Adcock People 06 (2020)
People 02
Neil Adcock People 02 (2020)
Sculpture Group Still Life
Terry Stringer Sculpture Group Still Life (2019)
Daphne and Apollo
Terry Stringer Daphne and Apollo (2020)
Bernini's Muse
Terry Stringer Bernini's Muse (2018)
The Muse of Clay Modelled Sculpture
Terry Stringer The Muse of Clay Modelled Sculpture (2019)
Artist and Model (with Absent Face)
Terry Stringer Artist and Model (with Absent Face) (1998)
Sustainable Earth
Nigel Brown Sustainable Earth (2015)
Nigel Brown Poaka (2016)
There Is No Way to Deal with Everything We Lose
Nigel Brown There Is No Way to Deal with Everything We Lose (2018/19)
Bird and Kowhai
Paul Dibble Bird and Kowhai (2020)
Attracted by the Fall
Paul Dibble Attracted by the Fall (2019)
The Scale of This Land
Paul Dibble The Scale of This Land (2019)
Huia Talks to Death (Smaller Study)
Paul Dibble Huia Talks to Death (Smaller Study) (2019)
Rodent with Dancer
Paul Dibble Rodent with Dancer (2009)
PELT - Sabino
Lisa Reihana PELT - Sabino (2016)
PELT - Pilosus
Lisa Reihana PELT - Pilosus (2016)
Flogging (22340)
Lisa Reihana Flogging (22340) (2017)
Houngarea Marae, Pakipaki
Yuki Kihara Houngarea Marae, Pakipaki (2017)
Reflections - Halos
Neil Dawson Reflections - Halos (2017)
Reflections - Clouds
Neil Dawson Reflections - Clouds (2017)
On the Pigroot
Dick Frizzell On the Pigroot (2019)
Otama Flat Road - West of Gore
Dick Frizzell Otama Flat Road - West of Gore (2019)
Late Sun
Dick Frizzell Late Sun (2019)
Brown Painting
Dick Frizzell Brown Painting (2017)
Step B
Dick Frizzell Step B (2019)
Yobitsugi Style Vase [1-2]
Aaron Scythe Yobitsugi Style Vase [1-2] (2020)
Yobitsugi Style Vase [4-4]
Aaron Scythe Yobitsugi Style Vase [4-4] (2020)
The Leafless Grove
Susanne Kerr The Leafless Grove (2016)
Promised Land #2
Susanne Kerr Promised Land #2 (2016)
The Boundary Lines
Susanne Kerr The Boundary Lines (2019)
The Arrangement
Susanne Kerr The Arrangement (2019)
Susanne Kerr Remnant (2019)
Accord II
Phil Brooks Accord II (2020)
Comets Vessel
Phil Brooks Comets Vessel (2020)
Orbital Vessel
Phil Brooks Orbital Vessel (2020)
Blue Mambo Vessel
Phil Brooks Blue Mambo Vessel (2020)
Under the Volcano
Phil Brooks Under the Volcano (2019)
Planet - Major
Phil Brooks Planet - Major (2020)

Exhibition Text

The Whakatipu Chronicle (note correct Maori spelling) features a suite of key works by Karl Maughan, in acknowledgement of the just released Auckland University Press major publication on his acclaimed works.

There are new works by Phil Brooks, Terry Stringer, Aaron Scythe and Neil Adcock. Alongside important landscapes by Dick Frizzell is an arresting, celebratory still life, Step B (2019), and Brown Painting (2017), an iconic sign work revealing rural commerce and culture.

Lisa Reihana, recently identified by Michael Brand (Director, Art Gallery of NSW) as ‘one of the most influential artists of the decade,’ features with two mythic Pelt (2016) works and Flogging (2017), from In Pursuit of Venus [infected], which evidences the decline of Cook during his third and final Pacific voyage.

Paul Dibble’s virtuosity and symbolism is witnessed in five key edition works. Neil Dawson’s mastery of reflection and shadow sits beside the power and poise of Chris Charteris, the timelessness of Yuki Kihara’s lenticular photograph of Houngarea Marae, Pakipaki (2017).

Michael Hight’s Tapuaenuku: The Watcher (2018) is an outstanding painting. It turns the carefully tended apparatus box of a blade shearer into a memento mori, as if a rural altarpiece. The side panels depict a selection of Kaikoura alpine landscapes reminiscent of Victorian wall plates, those portholes sitting above cabinets of curiosities.

Nigel Brown portrays birds as the messengers of our times while Susanne Kerr, utilizing an elaborate language of metaphor, builds psychological and social landscapes where multiple narratives develop.