Dick Frizzell Exhibitions

The Review

8 Aug - 1 Sept 2020

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Exhibition Works

Natchez Hudson Ctesiphon (2020)
Natchez Hudson Sarmizegetusa (2020)
Natchez Hudson Akrotiri (2020)
Skara Brae
Natchez Hudson Skara Brae (2020)
Bird and Kowhai
Paul Dibble Bird and Kowhai (2020)
Untitled (Palm Tree and Sheep)
Paul Dibble Untitled (Palm Tree and Sheep) (2011/15)
Huia Talks to Death (Smaller Study)
Paul Dibble Huia Talks to Death (Smaller Study) (2019)
Rabbit Fights Back
Paul Dibble Rabbit Fights Back (2016)
The Return of the Godwits
Paul Dibble The Return of the Godwits (2018)
Feather-Weight Model
Paul Dibble Feather-Weight Model (2000)
Screenplay II
Garry Currin Screenplay II (2014)
Sanctum I
Garry Currin Sanctum I (2020)
Sanctum II
Garry Currin Sanctum II (2020)
Sanctum III
Garry Currin Sanctum III (2020)
Sanctum IV
Garry Currin Sanctum IV (2020)
Sanctum V
Garry Currin Sanctum V (2020)
The Skirmish
Paul McLachlan The Skirmish (2020)
South Island Raven
Paul McLachlan South Island Raven (2019)
Te Aryan Twenty-Three
Paul McLachlan Te Aryan Twenty-Three (2014)
Soldier Ten
Paul McLachlan Soldier Ten (2013)
On the Pigroot
Dick Frizzell On the Pigroot (2019)
Dick Frizzell Orepuki (2019)
Otama Flat Road - West of Gore
Dick Frizzell Otama Flat Road - West of Gore (2019)
Late Sun
Dick Frizzell Late Sun (2019)
Burnt Stump
Dick Frizzell Burnt Stump (1999)
Tiki 9
Neil Adcock Tiki 9 (2019)
Snow Shift
Neil Frazer Snow Shift (2017)
Neil Frazer Divider (2007)
Red Crater
John Edgar Red Crater (2014)
Solar Flare
John Edgar Solar Flare (2014)
Black Hole
John Edgar Black Hole (2014)
John Edgar Capsule (2012)
The Binding Ceremony
Susanne Kerr The Binding Ceremony (2020)
The Temptation
Susanne Kerr The Temptation (2013)
Promised Land #1
Susanne Kerr Promised Land #1 (2016)

Exhibition Text

The Review 2020 is primarily a conversation about the landscape, the marks and signs of mankind in it. It reaches into space with the night sky works of John Edgar, into the iconic and pestilent with Paul Dibble, the mysterious contrasts of Garry Currin, the rituals of Susanne Kerr, and Paul McLachlan takes us back in time in a dialogue about culture and war.

The exhibition features distinctive works by Dick Frizzell including the metaphoric Burnt Stump (1999) standing as a powerful critique and symbol of how nature is harnessed on almost every farm. Neil Frazer brings us winter, the scale and menace of the Southern Alps. Natchez Hudson (exhibiting with the gallery for the first time) contradicts, interferes and recomposes, introducing visual devices drawn from the lexicon of minimalist abstraction, further invigorated by medium contrasts and image dislocations.