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23 May - 7 Jul 2020

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Exhibition Works

City Bird
Paul Dibble City Bird (2019)
Huia and Kōwhai
Paul Dibble Huia and Kōwhai (2020)
The Return of the Godwits
Paul Dibble The Return of the Godwits (2018)
Step B
Dick Frizzell Step B (2019)
I Do What I Can
Dick Frizzell I Do What I Can (2019)
Step C
Dick Frizzell Step C (2019)
Still Life in a Glass Vase
Dick Frizzell Still Life in a Glass Vase (2018)
Joshua Olley Pacific (2020)
Karl Maughan Hapuku (2019)
Karl Maughan Pukeawa (2020)
Karl Maughan Waikaka (2020)
Apple Orchard, Heretaunga
Yuki Kihara Apple Orchard, Heretaunga (2017)
Jenna Packer Enclosure (2020)
Jenna Packer Wetland (2020)
Francis Bacon
Terry Stringer Francis Bacon (2013)
Head in a Landscape
Terry Stringer Head in a Landscape (2019)
Neil Dawson Florasphere (2018)
Neil Dawson Atmosphere (2018)
The Arrangement
Susanne Kerr The Arrangement (2019)
Susanne Kerr Remnant (2019)
Here Comes the Sun
Chris Heaphy Here Comes the Sun (2018)
Perfect Day
Chris Heaphy Perfect Day (2018)
South Island Raven
Paul McLachlan South Island Raven (2019)
Santa Rusulia
Paul McLachlan Santa Rusulia (2017/18)
Love Looks Not with the Eyes
Aiko Robinson Love Looks Not with the Eyes (2018)
Garden of Eden #45
Darryn George Garden of Eden #45 (2019)
Māra #1
Darryn George Māra #1 (2019)
Māra #7
Darryn George Māra #7 (2019)
Botanical Series - Blue
Garry Nash Botanical Series - Blue (2002)
Fern Vase #5 (Capense - Bronze / Green)
Ann Robinson Fern Vase #5 (Capense - Bronze / Green) (2014)
Shifting Light
Russell Moses Shifting Light (2019)
Green Reflection II
Russell Moses Green Reflection II (2019)
This Small Lemon Tree
Nigel Brown This Small Lemon Tree (2019)
Nigel Brown Kauri (2016)
Biosphere Crisis
Nigel Brown Biosphere Crisis (2015)
Blossom by Avon
Rebecca Harris Blossom by Avon (2019)
Thicket of Pines
Rebecca Harris Thicket of Pines (2019)
From the Banks of Waipahatu Toward Punehu Falls, The Catlins 2013
Wayne Barrar From the Banks of Waipahatu Toward Punehu Falls, The Catlins 2013 (printed 2015)
Waiatiu Falls, Whirinaki 2013
Wayne Barrar Waiatiu Falls, Whirinaki 2013 (printed 2013)
Lake and Dam at Birchville, Upper Hutt 2013
Wayne Barrar Lake and Dam at Birchville, Upper Hutt 2013 (printed 2013)
Reuben Paterson Pungarehu (2016)
In a Place Amongst Stars
Reuben Paterson In a Place Amongst Stars (2014)
The Petal's Edge
Reuben Paterson The Petal's Edge (2015)

Exhibition Text

Flora is an exhibition with an especial focus on our unique and distinctive plant life and environment.

It presents major new sculptural works by Josh Olley and Paul Dibble.

New paintings by Karl Maughan, Dick Frizzell, Jenna Packer, Nigel Brown, Russell Moses, Aiko Robinson and Susanne Kerr.

There are numerous conversations about how we look after our environment, what light does amongst plants and flowers. We see the iconic, the tender, and the great.

It features painting, sculpture, photography, a quite extraordinary tapestry and drawing from Paul McLachlan, important glass works by Ann Robinson and Garry Nash, two spherical Neil Dawson sculptures of considerable significance and achievement.

Rebecca Harris returns to the gallery with a suite of Christchurch works. Venice Biennale representative 2021 Yuki Kihara is included with a riveting lenticular work. Chris Heaphy traverses time, blending cultural motifs into still life visual poems. Darryn George takes us to the altar of the landscape, Wayne Barrar to the momentous and forever beautiful. Reuben Paterson melds glitter and light into a memorable profusion of flowers and leaves.

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