Karl Maughan Exhibitions

Karl Maughan


28 Sept - 22 Oct 2019

Exhibition Works

Blind River
Blind River (2019)
Kowhai (2019)
Waikuku (2019)
Hapuku (2019)
Rimu Road
Rimu Road (2019)

Exhibition Text

Karl Maughan’s paintings are imbued with sensations, suggestions and implications. He ‘invents and composes’ each garden and does so with such command that it is brought into existence, in an extenuated conversation about design, architecture and the passage of light.

Each work is an amalgam of varied painterly applications and shifts in technique. The colours are bright and optimistic, eliciting the viewer to ‘walk, smell and feel’ in ways which are so convincing as to be commanding. He is having a conversation in these works about nature, culture and civilization.

In every painting the presence of the artist is clearly felt and seen in the rhythmic brushstrokes: you can feel his hand moving across and around. Energetic and certain, Maughan’s paintings are a remarkably deft combination of abstract and representational techniques that seemingly switch from one to the other as viewing distance is altered.

The language of light unites each work, the suggestion of a path leading to somewhere not shown adds intrigue and an emergent narrative dialogue.

Critically acclaimed, represented in prestigious private and institutional collections worldwide, joyous and dramatic, Karl Maughan’s paintings invite the viewer on a journey into the architecture of the garden that commences with the emotive, authoritative, enveloping sensations of colour.