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The Review

27 Jun - 19 Aug 2015

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Exhibition Works

Fighting Hill: Rakaia Gorge
Michael Hight Fighting Hill: Rakaia Gorge (2014)
Techno NZ
Nigel Brown Techno NZ (2013)
Swirl - Blue Darts
Neil Dawson Swirl - Blue Darts (2012)
Plain Song: For Midnight
J S Parker Plain Song: For Midnight (2007)
Notes on Isaiah #1
Darryn George Notes on Isaiah #1 (2013)
Green-winged Macaw (Ara Chloropterus)
Hannah Kidd Green-winged Macaw (Ara Chloropterus) (2015)
To Grow Unnoticed
Reuben Paterson To Grow Unnoticed (2015)
First Kiss
Dick Frizzell First Kiss (2015)
Robert Ellis Aperira (1983)
Trees at Lake Tutira 2008
Wayne Barrar Trees at Lake Tutira 2008
Cloud 12
Neil Dawson Cloud 12 (2013)
Bird Song
Chris Heaphy Bird Song (2014)
The World Below Model
Paul Dibble The World Below Model (2010)
Obdurate People Part I
Andy Leleisi'uao Obdurate People Part I (2014)
Camellia Vase #5 (Purple)
Layla Walter Camellia Vase #5 (Purple) (2012)
Mangatini Falls at Ngakawau Gorge 2013
Wayne Barrar Mangatini Falls at Ngakawau Gorge 2013 (printed 2014)
Another Big Kiss
Dick Frizzell Another Big Kiss (2009)
Rise 3
Galia Amsel Rise 3 (2014)
Buddha as a Young Prince
Terry Stringer Buddha as a Young Prince (2014)
John Edgar Nucleus (2014)
Twisted Flax Pods
Ann Robinson Twisted Flax Pods (2011/14)
Get Down on Your Knees X
Reuben Paterson Get Down on Your Knees X (2009/15)
Get Down on Your Knees XIV
Reuben Paterson Get Down on Your Knees XIV (2009/15)
Get Down on Your Knees XVI
Reuben Paterson Get Down on Your Knees XVI (2009/15)
This Is My Bed
Reuben Paterson This Is My Bed (2012)
Teddy Bear with Bow
Vicki Fanning Teddy Bear with Bow (2012)
Great Indian Hornbill (Buceros Bicornis)
Hannah Kidd Great Indian Hornbill (Buceros Bicornis) (2015)
Black Halos 7
Neil Dawson Black Halos 7 (2014)
Simon Edwards Precipice (2015)
Te Toki a Rata
Chris Bailey Te Toki a Rata (2014)
Comb (Red)
Lonnie Hutchinson Comb (Red) (2009)
Embrace 2
Rick Swain Embrace 2 (2009)
Dot Dash
Joanna Braithwaite Dot Dash (2015)
Turua Pō (Rewarewa)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Turua Pō (Rewarewa) (2014)
Edge of the Wairau River (south bank), Marlborough 2011
Wayne Barrar Edge of the Wairau River (south bank), Marlborough 2011 (printed 2014)
Shiny White Still Life [15-4]
John Parker Shiny White Still Life [15-4] (2015)
West End
Karl Maughan West End (2015)
Woman Between Past and Future
Terry Stringer Woman Between Past and Future (2014)

Exhibition Text

Now in its sixth year, The Review encapsulates the remarkable cultural dynamism and achievements of NZ art.

Aperira (1983), featured in the recently published Robert Ellis book, evokes (by incantation) everything that is culturally fundamental to identity and being a New Zealander. Te Rongo Kirkwood – currently exhibiting at the prestigious De Young Museum, San Francisco – combines the unique Maori traditions of weaving, pattern and cloak forms with slumped, fused and etched glass techniques in Turoa Po (Rewarewa) (2014), producing endless moments of visual wonder, with suggestions of feathers and birds.

Chris Heaphy’s Bird Song (2014) is an ideogram, an open-ended story of cultures and journeys across time, comprised of plural motifs of colonial history, bird-life, symbols of flora and fauna. Lonnie Hutchinson’s Comb (Red) (2009) is a deliberately provocative work, loaded with references and attitudes. Paul Dibble, in The World Below (2010), examines our environmental stewardship, using the stylised symbol of a tree with a huia looking down in judgement.

For the first time, the surfaces of Ann Robinson’s Twisted Flax Pods (2011-14) have been substantially carved back and in that process the visual rhythms of the rolling form have been revealed and the naturalistic qualities emphasised.

Fighting Hill, Rakaia Gorge (2014) by Michael Hight is an authoritative poem of place and season. Similarly Wayne Barrar’s emphatic use of line in Edge of the Wairau River (2008) and Trees at Lake Tutira (2011) defines what we see and how we see it.

Simon Edwards, in Precipice (2015), combines representational and abstract techniques in breath-taking ways to deliver atmospheric sensations and facts which come to alter as you look.

Terry Stringer’s Woman between Past and Future (2014) is an illusionary tour-de-force.

The Review also includes significant paintings by Joanna Braithwaite, Reuben Paterson, JS Parker and Nigel Brown. There are important sculptural works by Neil Dawson, Hannah Kidd, Chris Bailey, John Edgar and Rick Swain plus a ceramic white still life set from Arts Laureate John Parker.