Joanna Braithwaite Exhibitions

Joanna Braithwaite

Wild Things

4 Nov - 29 Nov 2003

Exhibition Works

Twist of Fate I
Twist of Fate I (2003)
Egg Man - Prey
Egg Man - Prey (2003)
Night Watch
Night Watch (2003)
Sheep Dog II
Sheep Dog II (2003)
Pushmepullewe (2003)
Pushmepullewe (2003)
Dangerous Liason (2003)
Dangerous Liason (2003)
Swan Woman
Swan Woman (2003)

Exhibition Text

“The relationship that exists between people and animals is often one of dependence sometimes one of fear, I have consistently pursued an interest in painting about these sometimes unusual relationships. The series of works exhibited in Wild Things reflect this ongoing exploration.

In paintings such as Twist of Fate one species becomes another - such works are about life and death -time passing. The fragility attached to a life that ends and the optimism that a new life brings.
The species I combine often have a personal significance. Animal/insect/human traits are evident in the new species that emerge.”
- Joanna Braithwaite - November 2003

Joanna Braithwaite continues her exploration of hybrid human and animal forms to address power structures within the natural world. These works are executed with her characteristic use of surrealism, imagination laced with humour.

Her thoughtful attention to paint application reveals both elegance and unexpected beauty.

Many works are contained within the setting of the night sky, which heightens the dramatic intensity and draws attention to the figure’s intricacies. Braithwaite also maintains a remarkable fluidity, tension and refinement of form regardless of scale.

In documenting the exchange of attributes between animal/ human and animal/ animal, she simultaneously addresses the horrific and the humorous.