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The Ripley Effect #3 [19-22]
John Parker The Ripley Effect #3 [19-22] (2019)
Patinated Bronze Crucible [22110]
Paul Mason Patinated Bronze Crucible [22110] (2018)
Woven Rimmed Vase #12
Layla Walter Woven Rimmed Vase #12 (2015)
Matt White Grooved Vessel [19-27]
John Parker Matt White Grooved Vessel [19-27] (2019)
Matt White Grooved Bottle  [AF19-13]
John Parker Matt White Grooved Bottle [AF19-13] (2019)
Phil Brooks Refuge (2019)
Happy Anniversary
Harry Watson Happy Anniversary (2018)
Matt White Split Rim Bowl [17-64]
John Parker Matt White Split Rim Bowl [17-64] (2017)
See What is Seen, Measure What is Measured
Graham Bennett See What is Seen, Measure What is Measured (2016)
Clinch V - Iteration IV
Caroline Earley Clinch V - Iteration IV (2017)
Neil Dawson Atmosphere (2018)
The Octagonal Heart
Peter Trevelyan The Octagonal Heart (2016)
Graham Bennett Connect (2018)
Katherine Smyth Ken (2016)
Nagasaki Red Footed Plate (Tall) [22788]
Aaron Scythe Nagasaki Red Footed Plate (Tall) [22788] (2017)
Chris Charteris Receive (2015)
Poles Apart
Graham Bennett Poles Apart (2007)
Tiki 9
Neil Adcock Tiki 9 (2019)
Charcoal Grooved Orb [18-68]
John Parker Charcoal Grooved Orb [18-68] (2018)
Phil Brooks Cleavage (2019)
Charcoal Grooved V Bowl [18-28]
John Parker Charcoal Grooved V Bowl [18-28] (2018)
Against Nature
Harry Watson Against Nature (2018)
Right of Recreation
Robert Jahnke Right of Recreation (2004)
Wayfinding and World-making
Graham Bennett Wayfinding and World-making (2018)
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