Jeffrey Harris Exhibitions


5 Apr - 30 Apr 2007

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Exhibition Works

Out of the Deep
Gretchen Albrecht Out of the Deep (1989)
Meditation On  Orpheus (2007)
Garry Currin Meditation On Orpheus (2007)
All Sorts - Randy
Joanna Braithwaite All Sorts - Randy (2006)
Shielded Histories # 3 (2006)
Robert Ellis Shielded Histories # 3 (2006)
Mason Bay #4, 1988 (vintage print 1988)
Wayne Barrar Mason Bay #4, 1988 (vintage print 1988)
Celestial Vessel
Johnny Turner Celestial Vessel (2007)
Christ Carrying The Cross
Jeffrey Harris Christ Carrying The Cross (1972)
Trough on Rocklands
Bruce Hunt Trough on Rocklands (2006/07)
Colin McCahon Northland (1962)
Green Bouquet (2003) DETAIL
Jeff Thomson Green Bouquet (2003) DETAIL
Botanical Series - Blue
Garry Nash Botanical Series - Blue (2002)
Milking Time Holland (1907)
Frances Hodgkins Milking Time Holland (1907)
Whakapanapa Geyser
J C Hoyte Whakapanapa Geyser
Distance Estimates: Version 3 Mnemonics (2004)
Graham Bennett Distance Estimates: Version 3 Mnemonics (2004)
White Road
Elizabeth Rees White Road (2005)
Landscape with Bridge
John Weeks Landscape with Bridge
Private Property No.1 (2004)
Geoffrey Notman Private Property No.1 (2004)
Mason Bay #15, 1988
Wayne Barrar Mason Bay #15, 1988 (1988)
Mother and Child
Paul Mason Mother and Child
Hundreds And Thousands
Jon Tootill Hundreds And Thousands (2003)

Exhibition Text

Masterworks showcases major works by some of New Zealand’s most innovative and celebrated artists. In a variety of mediums from sculpture, painting, glass and ceramics, each artist brings a unique language and has made a valuable and major contribution to the field of contemporary art in New Zealand.