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Neal Palmer

Snakes & Ladders (2010) Union (2013) Dead Red (2011) DNA (2013) Fire Light (2008) Downtown (2013)
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“Vividness, hyper-reality and sheer painterly skill… Brilliant technique…” (1)

“Precision on a grander scale is apparent in the work of Neal Palmer … They are held together by a dancing rhythm of intersecting geometric arcs. Behind these are accurately painted pohutukawa and flax. These are exuberant, three times life size, and often startlingly red though with a hint of decay and insect activity. The brushwork emphasises such things as the fibrous nature of flax leaves. The rhetorical enlargement, geometry and realism celebrate the variety of growth in many forms.” (2)

“More than anything, these paintings are a reflection of the artist’s love of natural form and involvement with the act of painting; the manipulation of colour, its hues and tones to form convincing photorealistic pictures.” (3)

Neal Palmer was born 1968 in London. He gained a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fine Arts from Trent University in Nottingham, England. He now lives and paints as a full time artist in Auckland. He has been a finalist in various art competitions such as the Margaret Stoddart Prize and The Wallace Trust Awards and in 2010 he gained a merit award in the Molly Morpeth Art Award in Whakatane. He has had numerous and regular solo exhibitions since 1999.

1. T.J. McNamara in the NZ Herald reviewing Say It with Flowers, November 2008
2. T.J. McNamara in the NZ Herald, reviewing The Sum of Their Parts, November 2006
3. Suzie Campbell, ‘Snapshot Reality- The Painted World of Neal Palmer’, Art NZ, Autumn 2004

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